Why do they do this to us?



Ok, so this is the time of year. The time of year where there are lies, smokescreens and BS floating all around the league about who's going where in free agency, who's drafting who and blah blah blah. Don't believe the hype folks!

One such piece of hype that simply does not make sense to me is Steven Jackson going to Atlanta Falcons. When you read the ESPN article here, then listen to the interview, you hear:

Michael Turner is being released because he's getting old, inefficient and about to make 6.9 million next season. The article says that last year he "rushed for 800 yards and 10 touchdowns last season as the Falcons reached the NFC Championship Game". He had a 3.6 YPC average for the 2012 season.

"Atlanta is now a pass first offense" is what Eric Mangini says about the Falcons. Interesting.

So call me crazy, but although SJAX got 990 yards per Rotoworld last season, 4 TDs and 4 YPC average, what is the real difference between SJAX and Turner? Also, what would make Atlanta pay 4-6 mil per year for SJAX?!! So they have a separation of .4 YPC average, whoop-dee-doo!

I have to remind you that it was just stated in the ESPN video interview that "Atlanta is a pass first offense", meaning they are no longer running to setup the pass, but in fact are passing with hopes of a break away run. That means running back by committee and smaller, faster backs being used.

Both Micheal Turner and Steven Jackson are pounders, period. They will not amaze with speed. They will not break alot of defenders ankles, but they will put someone on their ass with tweety birds circling their heads.

Now we look at the draft, newer models, newer bodies and smaller injury history list. Help me to understand why a team that made it so close last year with salary cap space for 2013 season looking like around 4.9 mil before cuts would be able to go after and grab a veteran that is a year younger than the one who they let go, but had less TD production? Keeping in mind that they have some major free agents to try and retain.

There has already been enough Combine analysis to show some pretty good backs in the draft this year. Knile Davis, LeVeon Bell and others are showing their stuff and it's looking a little more attractive from a money standpoint to grab one of those young men there and get them into the line up. Less salary cap is the way teams are going to go. Gone are the days where we see huge contracts dished out to every and any one.

The whole thing sounds stupid, so I personally see no reason to give a second thought to SJAX going to Atlanta or most any other top tier team because there are very few top tier teams in great cap space. That's why they are top tier teams!

I say that any team tied to SJAX is gonna simply be a barometer for the market and let St. Louis judge what it will take to keep SJAX. Bottom line is we just saw our division rival go to the Super Bowl last year and they will more than likely walk right back into the playoffs this season. I truly do not believe that there are any other teams that are more on the rise toward going to the big game than San Francisco, Seattle and St. Louis! So what's really going on here?

Sometimes I think the media takes advantage of this time of the year to simply yank our chains all over the place. Sadly, I think I have been watching too much football analysis to let this one slide. Why do they do this to us?

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