Post Combine Mock Draft Version 5.0 - The Picture Becomes A Bit Clearer



I actually wasn't going to post this mock draft. It really was just a work in progress. RVB created a post on February 25 titled "Wishes can come true". I put the mock draft in a comment that was meant as a response to LA Champ. I was expecting a response from him, as we are good friends on here and greatly respect each others opinion. Instead, I received a response from none other than 3k. The draft god! With respect to the draft and college players, there is no one I admire more than 3k. The breadth and depth of his knowledge is astonishing. He took the time to post a response to my mock. Here it is:

I'll bite

If the Rams pull that off…I mean, it’s pretty sexy. Only concern is that Menelik Watson may need some time at RT, and the Rams certainly don’t have anyone that can cover for him for a year. But the Rams still have too many holes to gap up in one offseason. I could get down with this.

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by 3k on Feb 25, 2013 4:04 PM EST

This almost sounds silly, but I was so excited and honoured that he would share that commentary I couldn't help but create a post with the mock in it. Brings out the little kid in me!!! Hopefully you will indulge me just this one time!!

In this mock draft the Rams are trading down twice. The first trade down is with Houston. We trade the #16 pick to Houston for their #27 pick and an additional third and fourth round pick. This trade down is reasonable in value for both teams. Houston would be trading up to secure either Jonathan Cooper, Keenan Allen or a DL in this scenario (all are positions of need for the Texans). The other trade down is with a yet to be named team who will trade back into the first to grab a QB. The Rams trade the #22 pick for a second, third and seventh round pick. I am now convinced that the Rams will be active traders in the upcoming draft. The combine showed the depth of this draft. The first round is bereft of top flight talent. The Rams still have many wants and needs. Fisher and Snead are not averse to trading draft picks. The draft lines up very well for the Rams for positions of need in the 2-4 rounds. If you are looking for the best value in your picks, you might as well line those picks up in spots where you are most likely to find that value ........ Hence why they will be looking to pull the trigger.

1A - Matt Elam - SS - Florida

2A - Menelik Watson - OT - Florida State

2B - Robert Woods - WR - USC

3A - D.J. Swearinger - FS - South Carolina

3B - Markus Wheaton - WR - Oregon State

3C - Gavin Escobar - TE - San Diego State

4A - Zavier Gooden - LB - Missouri

4B - Knile Davis - RB - Arkansas

5A - Lavar Edwards - DE - LSU

6A - Earl Watford - OG - James Madison

7A - Josh Boyd - DT - Mississippi State

7B - Graham Pocic - C - Illinois

How did I answer 3k's concern about Menelik Watson? I suggested we re-sign Barry Richardson on the cheap or another very low priced free agent to fill the gap until Watson is ready.....and no, not Jake Long! We don't have the available cap space to do it!!! My sleeper pick in this mock?? Earl Watford.....small school but big potential!! I had Knile Davis in the seventh round of my last mock because of the last two years of injury history....well, he blew up the I had to move him up.....and Robert Woods looked really good as well. This strategy of the trade downs is very aggressive. It playing out this way in the draft is not out of the realm, nor is it a for sure either. It does give you an idea of how this draft could possibly transpire. It is not coincidence that six of the picks are players from the SEC. Where are the OL and WR's in the first round of this mock?? The combine changed my mind on some things. Patterson, Johnson, Warmack and Fisher have no chance to reach us in the first round. I, for one, am still not convinced of the value in drafting a guard in the first round, especially in the first 20 picks. But that is for another post coming shortly about positional values. Thanks for indulging me this one time with this one post. Kinda nice to feel like a kid again!! Thanks 3k!!!!

Mock drafts..........for the kid in all of us!!!

The purpose of this mock is to get you thinking a little bit outside of the box......all too many mocks by the so-called "experts" come at us with the same tired, old selections. For months last year the Rams were mocked Justin Blackmon. You know what happened there. And last years draft was far more predictable in the first round. Or so we thought................

One final note: I am a big fan of signing G Andy Levitre as our only big free agent signing from another team. Given our tight cap space situation, we have limited resources to do much in the free agent market. I figure he would cost approximately 6 million per year. In order to make this work I would cut Harvey Dahl and his 4 million contract. That would mean we would only be paying an additional 2 million for Levitre. It is fair to say that Dahl has been a fine guard for us; however, with the injury, his age, a slow decline and the big contract, it makes sense for us to sign someone like Levitre, who is younger and a better player at this stage. It follows that we can focus on playmakers in the early rounds instead of contemplating drafting a Chance Warmack or Jonathan Cooper. Just my two cents. I also like the idea of picking up LB Philip Wheeler, who I believe we can sign at a reasonable cost. This mock also presumes that both SJ39 and Danny Amendola do not return to the Rams (although I would love for Jack to stay a Ram) and that we ensure re-signing William Hayes.
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