NFC Breakout Player In 2013 - Isaiah Pead?

Tyler Barrick

At Peter King's tweetup on Saturday, a media member was asked a question about who will be a breakout player, and he mentioned Isaiah Pead. Yes, the Pead that the Rams drafted in the 2nd round.

Last season, the St. Louis Rams drafted Isaiah Pead in the second round with their third pick .

Many fans were shocked, and some felt that the Rams "reached" for Pead. But after the draft, reports came out that the Rams viewed Pead as a successor to Steven Jackson and not just a change-of-pace running back.

During pre-season, Pead was beat out by 7th round rookie Daryl Richardson. Pead stayed the 3rd-string back up for the rest of the season, and only saw noticeable playing time during the New England Patriots blowout loss.

He finished the season with disappointing stats: 54 rushing yards on 10 carries, 16 receiving yards on 3 catches, and 212 kick return yards on 10 attempts. That's not what you would hope to see out of a 2nd round pick, but he did enough for ESPN's Adam Schefter to take notice.

The Schefter comment came during the annual NFL Combine tweetup held by Sports Illustrated's Peter King. Some of the most popular media personalities like Schefter and King were there to answer questions while they were in Indy. Patty Hsieh from The Pigskin Arch put together a great recap of the event.

Getting back to Isaiah Pead, it's interesting that Schefter would pick him. If you remember, during the Jeff Fisher interview process when it was down to the Dolphins and Rams, he kept shedding information on the process (he had a great interview about Fisher during that time; I quoted some of it a year ago on this site, kudos if you find it). It seems that he knows Fisher personally or knows someone close to him. That suggests that he could, and it wouldn't shock me, know more about the Rams then you would think. Because, out of all the players you could pick, you wouldn't likely go out on a limb and choose Pead.

During the NFL combine, Rich Eisen mentioned the Rams might be in the market for a new running back, and Mike Mayock mentioned something along the lines of last year Pead was learning to be a pro (seemed like he was talking about maturity issues, but then again, I could be wrong and if anyone else heard it leave a comment below).

Take that for what it's worth, but it coincides with my interpretation of what Mayock said. This doesn't mean that Pead will be a horrible player; but if it is true, it means that he learned his lesson since.

Either way, Pead should improve this season and become a weapon for a Rams offense that needs them.

Isaiah Pead vs. Oklahoma (2010) (via DocHoIidaze)

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