Mock Free Agency and Draft

This is essentially made in response to the Peter King rumor about Jake Long, a possible scenario in signing Long then the draft:

Free Agency:

In order to sign Long, the Rams would have to clear some cap space, logically beginning with not resigning Steven Jackson and/or Danny Amendola. I would be sad to see either of them go, but we won't be able to spend big money on a FA with both. In this mock, the Rams let both of them walk.

I'm no cap expert, so I won't try to predict, but the next moves would be cap room-saving moves, waiving players and restructuring contracts. Now, the Rams sign Jake Long for about $10 million. To replace Jackson, we sign a second-tier veteran running back to share the load with the two rookies from last year, probably a bigger back like Peyton Hillis or Brandon Jacobs.

The Draft:

1a. Kenny Vaccaro, safety, Texas

We really need a safety, and I hope the FO takes Vaccaro regardless of scenario. He is the best in the draft at his position, arguably our biggest need with Long in the fold.

1b. Tavon Austin, WR, West Virginia

Austin would be a great replacement for Amendola. He is blazing fast and great out of the slot. Brian Quick can continue to develop as Austin should be ready right out of the gate, teaming with Chris Givens to give Bradford a much improved receiving group for next year.

2. Tyler Eifert, TE, Notre Dame

Safety belt for Sam, who would need a tough, reliable target without Amendola. Austin is the speed, Eifert could be the new favorite target.

3. Khaseem Green, Brandon Jenkins, or another OLB

I don't know much about these later round players, but I think we need an outside linebacker for sure and I think is is a good place to get one.

4. Marcus Lattimore (South Carolina) or Montee Ball (Wisconsin), running bback

Even if the Rams pick up an RB in free agency, I think a low-risk high-reward guy like Lattimore or Ball could pay off big time soon. I don't think Richardson is a full-time back and Pead is currently unproven.

5. Guard

Really have no knowledge about offensive linemen this late in the draft.... But we need more of them and this is a good place to take a guard or BPA lineman at another position.

6. Tyrann Mathieu, CB, LSU

Two reasons for this pick: first, he could be great, setting us up for the best secondary for the next decade, and second, my fantasy team next year must be named Janoris and Tyrann's Excellent Adventure, but I need Mathieu on the Rams for that.

7. BPA defensive lineman, fullback, or offensive lineman

Depth is vital.

So, thoughts? Disagreements? Praise? All would be appreciated.

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