If the Rams lose Jackson, should they consider a Running back in the first two rounds?

Two needs have been spoken about in the first round, on offense, this draft season and those would include Wide Receiver and Offensive Line. People have thought this because as Les Snead and Jeff Fisher have said, they want play makers. But, could the Rams possibly go in another direction, maybe even using one of their first round picks to get Steven Jackson's replacement. I wouldn't have thought this would happen but did anyone anticipate us going Defense in the first round last year with the "glaring holes' on our offense, not many. Furthermore, did anyone think they would go for a Running back in the 2nd round, nope. Snead and Fish could possibly think a running back would be best in progressing Sam's development. If Jackson was to leave, we would be missing the power for our running game. The Running Back that I'm going to mention has had mixed reviews on this blog so for the sake of argument, I just want to get a consensus of what the fan base thinks. The Running back that I'm talking about is Eddie Lacy.



From what I've personally seen, a few games here and there (including the National Championship Game), Eddie Lacy is a beast. The best thing about him by far is his build and the fact that he uses his body to his advantage. At 5'10 and 220 pounds, Eddie Lacy is a beast. Rarely do you ever see him being brought down by the first tackler and he showed this on glaring display in the NC Game, even bulldozing Manti Te'o which made me fall out my seat in amazement. Another thing evident from me watching him was he has a knack for getting low on short yardage situation to better be able to get the first down. Although he is a big guy, Eddie is very elusive and quick. For all of the stataholics out there, he had amazing production in his first season starting at the running back position. You could just say whatever if you're not a stat lover, but this was, I remind you, against the SEC. So, in this conference, I usually take stats to heart. His stats:

Attempts: 204

Yards: 1322

Average Per Attempt: 6.5 (averaged)

Touchdowns: 16

It being his first season as the running back, it means that he doesn't have that much ware and tear on him. He has a great spin move incorporated into his game. Above that, he is a great run blocker.

Then we come to the things that could just hinder him in his development..Sure, as I mentioned, this was his first season started so he of course comes with some inexperience. Health concerns don't help him much either considering he is currently dealing with a hamstring injury. He, however does say that he will run the 40 at the combine. He played behind the best offensive line in college football at Alabama so of course there is caution about what he can do behind an average line like ours. He was also a bit consistent this season considering that 13 of his 17 touchdowns came in 5 games this season:

Arkansas = 3

Missouri = 3

West Carolina = 3

Auburn = 2

Georgia = 2

That's 13 of his 17 touchdowns.

Comparisons: Frank Gore, Trent Richardson, Jamal Lewis


Against Missouri:

Eddie Lacy vs Missouri 2012 (via JPDraftJedi)

Against Arkansas:

Alabama RB Eddie Lacy vs Arkansas ᴴᴰ (via CollegeFootballLive)

Against Notre Dame:

Eddie Lacy vs Notre Dame 2013 BCS Championship (via JPDraftJedi)

Eddie Lacy has a lot of potential. With room to improve, I think he can be worked with and be good for the Rams. I'd have to see him in the rest of the draft season to see exactly how he does to be sure he'll be a first round pick but as of right now I've seen him mostly in the 2nd or late 1st. Could Snead and Fisher decide to pick him up, I wouldn't be completely opposed although I would question it a bit considering I don't like Running Backs in the first round. But in the second round, I couldn't complain too much depending on the needs they fill in Free Agency.

What do you guys think of Lacy and do you think he could be a Franchise Running back? Comments are appreciated and thanks for reading..

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