Offseason Plans

I was trying to think about what my ideal offseason moves for the Rams would be.
Free Agency:

Top Priorities-

Andy Levitre OG Buffalo- He's 26 and hasn't missed a start in 4 years. I've read his asking price will be around 5 million so he'd be a relatively cheap but extremely productive option for the Left Guard spot. I like Rob Turner and hope we can resign him, but think we could use an upgrade at the position plus an interior line of Levitre, Wells, Dahl would be a force. Then having Rob Turner, Rokevious Watkins, and Shelley Smith as back up options if any of the starters were to go down would really be huge.

Dwayne Bowe WR KC, Percy Harvin WR MN, Mike Wallace WR PITT, or Greg Jennings GB- There are no legitimate top wide receivers in this year's draft. Cordarrelle Patterson is emerging as the top WR in the draft but he's still considered a project. The Rams have a project in Brian Quick and need an instant #1 threat. I like the Rams receiving core right now but they are really lacking a true #1. One of Bowe, Wallace, or Jennings could be signed for around 10 million which would be a hit to our cap but at this point in Bradford's career I think it's a shot worth taking. He's cheap right now, could be retained, and wouldn't cost much in terms of a trade. If the Viks will deal him, I like that option the best.

Jerome Felton????- He's the fullback who led the way for AD this year who may be a free agent. This would be more of a luxury but he would be a nice addition for Pead or Richardson. Wouldn't be too expensive given a guy like Vontae Leach only makes 3 mil. I havn't really heard much speculation about this but it's a thought.



Cut Quintin Mikell and try to resign him- Although Mikell could've been a pro bowler last year and was statistically the best pass rushing safety in the league he is vastly overpaid for his age and pass coverage skills. I love Mikell with the Rams and really hope he's back next year but we could use the money. If he's not able to be resigned then we could go after William Moore or Jarius Byrd who are both younger, have similar productivity, and who would both cost less than what Mikell is being paid right now.

Cut Wayne Hunter- Wayne Hunter was awful and makes way too much.

Let Brandon Gibson walk- I really like Gibson but the receiving core needs a #1 and with an addition of that, that makes the WR core too crowded. If Amendola wants ridiculous money I say let him walk and retain Gibson though.

Let Steven Jackson go- Love Steven and appreciate everything he has done for this franchise but if he wants too much I think the team needs to move in a different direction. Richardson has shown he's a quality back when splitting time and when Isiah Pead has gotten carries he's been productive so I'd like to see what he can do.

Try to convince Bradford to restructure his lucrative contract- This could free up a ton of cash and also could benefit Bradford in the long run. Freeing up cash now would allow the Rams to go after a big offensive weapon in free agency thus increasing Bradford's production and perhaps ultimately making him money in the long run.


1-16: Draft Lane Johnson OT Oklahoma- One of the Rams biggest needs is a starting RT. If Lane Johnson is available I think he needs to be taken. This is assuming Joeckel and Fisher are gone. If Jarvis Jones or Barkevious Mingo are somehow available I would suggest taking either one of them to replace McIntosh at OLB. If Johnson is not available I say go take Kenny Vaccarro out of Texas. Paired up with Mikell, that would make the Rams secondary one of the best in the league featuring Vaccarro, Mikell, Finnegan, Jenkins, and Trumaine Johnson.

1-22: Draft Kenny Vaccarro FS Texas- This is assuming Vaccarro is there. If he's not there wait until round 3 and go get Baccarri Rambo. If we choose Vaccarro at 16 I say we go get Dallas Thomas OT from Tennessee.

2: Draft Arthur Brown OLB K-State

3: Draft Justin Hunter WR Tennessee

4: Draft Dion Sims TE Michigan State

5: Draft Kwame Geathers DT Georgia

6: Draft Tyrann Mathieu???- Jeff Fischer says he wants more turnovers and Mathieu could be Jenoris Jenkins 2.0. Mathieu could also take Kick and Punt returns on special teams and would be the 4th best corner on the Rams. Would definitely have to interview him and see what the organization thinks of him, but if he interviews well and is available this late why not take a flier on him? He's got a high ceiling, with potential to be a stud, and this late in the draft wouldn't be a huge risk.

7: Draft Tanner Hawkinson OT Kansas (<-- gross)

A lot of these options I just listed are relatively optimistic, but let me know what you guys think!

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