My Last Precombine Mock

Here is my last Precombine mock. This mock is based on getting Sam weapons and protection, while completing our defense. Since trades are very difficult to predict i won't factor in trades, even though we almost certainly will trade back at least once. This also assumes Quinton Mikkel is cut.

1.16- Cordarrelle Patterson (WR) TENNESSEE

Les Snead said we need playmakers. Well that is exactly what Patterson is. He arguably has the highest ceiling of any player in the draft. This fits perfectly with Fisher who tends to draft players with higher ceilings vs higher floors. He can return kicks and punts for us while playing wide receiver or even running back. He can do it all and while his ability as a wide receiver is not worth the 16th pick, his playmaking ability along with his ceiling is worth the 16th pick.

1.22- Zach Ertz (TE) Stanford

Ertz I believe to be the most well rounded TE in this class. He can block well and is a very dangerous receiver. We already got a new playmaker in Patterson, now we have a mismatch and redzone threat in Ertz. His ceiling would probably be somewhere around Rob Gronkowski, which would be a very welcome addition to the Rams and give us a nice 1-2 punch with Kendricks and Ertz being able to block and catch. Offensive Weapons? Check.

2.16- Tony Jefferson (FS) OKLAHOMA

Tony Jefferson would be a first round pick if not for the slender body. He can cover very well but his tackling could use some improvement. I have no doubt Fisher will be able to help him improve his tackling and improve an already dangerous secondary.

3.16- Chris Faulk (OT) LSU

At the beginning of the year, Chris Faulk was hailed as the best OT in the class. Unfortunately for him he injured his knee and sat out all season. Fortunately for us he is available here in the third and could come in and start immediately at Right Tackle if his knee heals up ok. He has a big ceiling and could take over at Left Tackle if Saffold gets hurt again.

4.16- Duke Williams (SS) Nevada

In most draft Duke Williams would be a second maybe early third round pick. Unfortunately for him, this is a very deep safety class. If he is here in the 4th, I think we take Duke who could play either safety position for us and possibly start right away.

5.16- Montori Hughes (DT) TENNESSEE-MARTIN

Fisher always drafts Dline. Why not a big time player from a small school? Montori Hughes did very well at the Senior Bowl and would be a great 3rd or 4th DT for the Rams. He has big potential but off the field concerns drop him and we snatch him here.

6.16- TJ Moe (WR) Missouri

A Danny Amendola clone. Not overly athletic but great hands, knows the route tree, and plays hard every play. He could sit for a while, learn the game, and come in and excel like Danny has excelled with the Rams. If Amendola leaves he could eventually start. If Amendola does not leave, then he could be good insurance in case of injury.

7.16- Quanterus Smith (DE) WESTERN KENTUCKY

Another small school pick. he would be a 2nd or 3rd round pick before tearing his ACL. While he had 12.5 sacks, they came in bunches because of his inconsistency. He had only 4 games with sacks and 8 games without sacks. He has good potential and could be a situational pass rusher early in his career.

There you go. We got offensive weapons, two new starting safetys, a new right tackle, and some great depth players. Some people may be concerned with potentially starting two new safetys, but there will be less pressure on them because of our strong pass rush. So what do you think?

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