The Unappreciated Spartan



He is a lone warrior. He fights hard and long. He isn't flashy or dashing, instead choosing to be a solid pillar among chaos. He is the unappreciated Spartan, Le'Veon Bell.

Le'Veon Bell and Marcus Lattimore are my two favorite running back prospects in this draft. However I am not talking about Lattimore here because all that has to be said has been said. Will he recover? Will he still play at his high level? Will he stay healthy? We will only know after the combine and draft and some years into the future.

Now, regardless if Steven Jackson stays or not, we will need a new running back. I don't think either Daryl Richardson or Isiah Pead can be the starting running back, because of their style of play and durability. Also, I am not a fan of the running back by committee. The Rams have been blessed to have some of the best franchise runners ever, and I think this should continue.

Le'Veon Bell isn't a fast, explosive guy. He isn't as fast as Steven Jackson was when he was coming out. He isn't going to get you a 60 yard TD. But he is the kind of guy who can get you 4 yards every play and will get you the ten yards you need for a first down, which in the end is just as important as having a home run threat. Bell can do a bit of everything. He is 6-2, 240 pounds, and can refuse to go down.



Ok, don't want him to run someone over? What about his wicked stiff arm? He probably has the best stiff arm I have ever seen, except maybe Steven Jackson.



Maybe you want something more athletic? Well, he has a spin move that blow people away. Something that 6-2 240 pound guys should not be able to do. Or you could just have him jump over the player.


And he can catch the ball when needed is great at blocking. He is the prototypical franchise back.

Here is a video that shows all his abilities. For some reason I cannot embed it, so you will have to click on the link.

Now for stats.

2012 382 1793 4.7 40 12 32 167 5.2 20 1
2011 182 948 5.2 35 13 35 267 7.6 45 0
2010 107 605 5.7 75 8 11 97 8.8 35 0

I know his receiving stats are less then ideal, but considering most of the time he was used as a decoy.

Now, in his 1 proper season of being the main back, he had 1793 yards, 12 TDs and averaged 4.7 yards per carry. His other two season, where he wasn't the main player aren't two shabby either. Also consider that he had no real good QB, and was on team devoid of offensive talent. And his O-line were not that good at all. Sometimes they excelled, at others they couldn't stop a kitten. Hmm, sounds familiar?

It's time for the Rams to replace their future Hall of Famer with the next great Rams running back, the unappreciated Spartan, Le'Veon Bell.



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