My First Mock Draft

Ok. So this draft is probably a little different than most. Ideally, I think draft should look like this:

1. BPA

2. BPA

3. BPA

4. BPA

5. Need

6. Need

7. Need

My reasoning is that rosters and player's statuses change so quickly from year to year that something that isn't as big of a need this year could turn into a big need next year. (i.e. DL isn't a need this year, but if Sheldon Richardson is available at 16 we should grab him because he could replace William Hayes' role this year and if Kendall Langford is mediocre this year KL could be cut next year.)

With that said here is my draft.

1A. Kenny Vacarro- S

Unlike most, I think our pass defense is the biggest need. Sure, we ranked 15th in the league this past year, but how do you lead the league in sacks and only have an average pass defense? If the opposing QB is being pressured all game, you would think it would lead to less completions and more turnovers. Unfortunately, our safeties and linebackers are horrible in coverage.

According to most analysts, Vaccaro is the best safety in the draft. I think he would be a huge upgrade over Dahl.

1B. Arthur Brown- OLB

Arthur Brown was an fast, athletic Inside Linebacker at Kansas State, nicknamed the "Judge" because he is awesome. He is good in both run and pass defense. Analysts say he is going to probably going to move to the weakside OLB of a 4-3. I think this is a good fit because Jo Lonn Dunbar could move to the strong side which would remove some of his coverage responsibilities (this is perfect because Dunbar is a way better against the run than against the pass)

2. Robert Woods- WR

I've seen Robert Woods comped a lot to Reggie Wayne. I don't know, but he is a good route runner that can get open.

3. Stedman Bailey- WR

Bailey is my favorite receiver in the draft. I think he would be the heir apparent to Danny Amendola. We could put him in the slot or on the outside. Good route runner and quick. He would be Sam's new security blanket.

4. David Quessenberry- OT

(sorry no highlight films for the big uglies.) Supposedly, he did really well at the senior bowl. He has the ability to play guard and tackle.

5. Xavier Nixon- OT Big, raw, needs to be coached up.

6. Micah Hyde- CB/S

I don't know. I think Hyde or Terry Hawthorne would be good pick ups down here. Both are CBs that analysts say may move to free safety.

7. Michael Williams- TE

Don't know much, but he is a big TE that absolutely smoked TJ McDonald in the senior bowl.

I hope this formatted ok. Feel free to shred this, but I think the first couple should be defense. We have Jeff Fucking Fisher as the head coach and a bunch of great defensive minds coaching the Defense. WE SHOULD HAVE THE BEST DEFENSE IN THE LEAGUE.

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