Two Outta Three Ain't Bad...............Hayes, Jackson And Amendola

We are fast approaching the free agent signing period. The Rams, given their cap space restrictions this year, will have to make some difficult decisions regarding their roster. Three of the bigger decisions are regarding Danny Amendola, Steven Jackson and William Hayes. Hayes and Amendola are free agents and would have to be re-signed in order to retain them. Jackson, despite his contract, can be viewed as a free agent for all intents and purposes.

Let's summarize the pros and cons of re-signing each of the three players:



Danny Amendola

Pros - He is the Rams #1 wide receiver, one of the better slot receivers in the league, very productive when healthy, is Bradford's favourite receiver and would bring certainty to a thin receiving corps that has many question marks.

Cons - His injury history is the biggest concern, having played in only 12 out of the last 32 games. Determining his value in terms of a contract is also a difficulty because of the injury history/career production.



William Hayes

Pros - Was an integral part of the DL rotation that led the league in sacks and improved the run defense. Hayes contributed 7 sacks and was steady against the run, all at a very cheap price contract-wise.

Cons - Hayes will be looking to get a substantial pay raise following the fine season he had. With limited cap space, it is difficult to envision re-signing a part-time rotational player to a huge pay increase.



Steven Jackson

Pros - It goes without saying that Jackson is the unquestioned leader of the team. Still productive at age 30, coming off another 1000 yard season. When Jackson ran the ball 18+ times in a game the Rams record was 6-1-1. When he ran the ball less than 18 times the Rams record was 1-7. At present is the only certain option as the Rams power running, feature back.

Cons - Is starting to show signs of wear and tear, with the fear of a decline in production and increased injury risk going forward. His presence in the line-up also takes away reps from the younger backs (Richardson, Pead and Ganaway), which may be limiting their development and the Rams ability to assess their long-term potential.

Why the title "Two Outta Three Ain't Bad"??

It refers to a scenario I have created that I would like all of you TST'ers to participate in and give your thoughts to. In this scenario YOU get to play the role of GM Les Snead. It has been determined that the Rams have enough available cap space to sign two out of the three players mentioned in this post. As GM you get to pick which two out of the three that you will re-sign. Please vote in the poll and share your thoughts (let me know which one is the most important to re-sign). Your comments and opinions are welcome, as always. P.S. I am keeping Jack and Hayes.

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