Forget MOCK DRAFTS...Check out my MOCK STADIUM!!!

Disclaimer: If you want to skip the boring stuff, just scroll down to the picture :)

Hey all, long time lurker/occasional poster addnon here. You may have seen me post things here and there, however probably nothing too useful. My join date on TST coincides with when I first found myself gaining a serious interest in not just the Rams, but football in general so I guess I could still be called a newbie. Most of my comments on the site can be divided into camps – either inquisitive (I always learn something new when I visit) or just plain ridiculous (I can’t be the only one who browses TST at 3 AM, can I!?), so don’t expect any detailed mocks, play-by-play analysis, or Bradford diatribes from me (at least not yet). And to answer the lingering question, I do NOT think it is a “make or break” year for number 8.

With that out of the way, I do think I have two somewhat unique talents which I bring to the table.

The first is that my educational track affords me the opportunity to be somewhat familiar with the “injurious” nature of the NFL. Some interesting topics we talked about in lecture so far include Danny Amendola’s near fatal clavicle fracture, the MRSA infection outbreak which decimated our offensive line during the greatest show on turf era, and the long-term effects of concussions. I also got a chance to meet the team physician for the St. Louis Rams, but I’ll save that for another day. Also, interesting side note, at least 40% of my class is from the Bay Area and there are a surprising number of peers from Seattle. So yeah, I basically sleep with the enemy.

The second talent (one which is way more interesting) is that I am a part-time graphic designer. I’ve been making websites, brochures, business cards, logos, mock-ups, and all things graphics related for about 9 years now. These days I’m mostly working for clients in between my crazy exam schedule, but that’s not to say I don’t have time for some occasional fun. Lately, I’ve been interested in photoshopping all things Rams related, which I end up posting on various threads on TST.

My latest and greatest creation you ask? Without further ado, I present to you, the Qwest/EDJ hybrid (click to enlarge):

First off, I sincerely apologize to all Seahawks fans that are currently rage-facing. But hey, you guys should be flattered. Out of all the stadium designs I was trying to choose between, Qwest (or CenturyLink) was definitely the most beautiful. You guys have one of the most eye-catching examples of architecture in the NFL and not to mention a drop dead GORGEOUS view of the city. If anything, you guys should feel honored.

Anyways, my motivation for the design was to try to find a stadium design which was bright, open, aesthetically appealing, and overall could fuel a fiery Rams crowd. Gone are the days of the drab, lethargic, and dark EDJ which all too often felt like nothing more than a glorified cavern. I also wanted to capture a sense of local pride, so I incorporated the St. Louis skyline in the background. Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy this. Maybe somehow, somewhere Stan Kroenke sees this and gets butterflies. :)

Some notes:

  • This is basically Qwest recolored with Rams colors
  • Geographically, due to the infrastructure of St. Louis I do realize that this mock up could never be a reality
  • The skyline is largely artificial, with a majority of it being Seattle
  • Sorry for the watermark, last time I posted something, 101ESPN stole it without my permission!
  • I’m open to requests; assuming I can find time for them! Follow me on Twitter @mynameisadnan
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