Toss this thing on its ear!!!



God I love the caption above, mostly because of what team's ankles are being broken right then!!



Ok, so it's looking like Danny Amendola is wanting top tier money, but let's face it, we'll never see the production on the field cause the poor guy can't stay on the field. Make no mistake, I love him, but as a team, they can't pay for something that they don't get. That is why I am a propoent of the slight raise in pay (give him 2-2.5 mil guaranteed) then make all the rest incentive laden to ensure that we get what we pay for. Sadly enough, Danny's heart is stronger than his body. He plays recklessly and his body pays for it. I would love for him to stay, but it may just not be in the cards. If someone will take a chance of breaking the bank on Danny, let them do it. Just not us. That's just my opinion though. Yet......

What if we went a different route? What if we decided to let Brandon Gibson and Danny walk? Instead of grabbing some newbies from the draft (which I am not seeing any "potentially elite" prospects in this bunch anyway), we go for some FA's along with our three young guys, Austin Pettis, Chris Givens and Brian Quick?

I pose an interesting pair of WRs that may actually set us above the rest in the division. You may disagree, but hear me out:

1. We make a trade for Percy Harvin. Yes I said it and I mean it. If we can get Percy for a 3rd rounder or even a 2nd rounder, it's worth it. Bottom line is he is a playmaker and as it came out last week, he simply wants a better offense than what he is currently in. Translation, "I hate catching balls from that weak armed joke of a QB that you drafted way to high for!"

Well Mr. Harvin, the St. Louis Rams can help with that. Sam Bradford has the arm and the offense is just a "playmaker-like-you" away from becoming a real threat! We can also help out with that contract situation as we could give you 3 years at about 3.5-4 a year including incentives with 4th year option. As you can see, I am all about incentive contracts. Why? Cause you don't pay for what you don't get. In Percy Harvin's case, we would get that. For the rest of my views on Harvin, check out my last article, "The Rams should look into the Percy Harvin situation!".

You may say, so what is the difference in giving Percy Harvin a better contract and not Danny? Simple, Percy is a better all around player and a better value. If Danny is better, we'll never know cause his body won't last.

2. We need someone to play the role of "Plaxico Burress" in the offensive scheme. Someone big that can use their body to gain Yards After Catch and TD's. There is one pending free agent that has the whole YAC thang down, is definitely tall enough of a target, but can't really get the TD side of of the coin handled cause he's sitting behind what is considered an elite group of Hakeem Nicks, Domenik Hixon, Victor Cruz and Ruben Randle. I am speaking of none other than Mr. Ramses Barden. This guy has the height at 6'6" and the weight at 224lbs. He really came on last year when the New York Giants suffered some injuries on the receiver front and it is looking like after 4 years in the league, he's waking up. Check out the stats below:

Year Team Games Receptions Yards Y/G Average
2009 NYG 3 1 16 5.3 16
2010 NYG 6 5 64 11 12.8
2011 NYG 8 9 94 12 10.4
2012 NYG 12 14 220 18 15.7

Now look at what GM Jerry Reese said about him early on in the season last year:

"Giants GM Jerry Reese compared Ramses Barden's development to that of Amani Toomer, who played 13 years for the G-Men.

"I have seen a lot of guys after their third year enter their fourth year and turn it on," Reese said. "Amani Toomer comes to mind. His first three years, he was trying to get it, trying to get it. In his fourth year, he was lights out."

Yeah yeah, I know what all of you are thinking, "We already have a big guy for red zone threat!" On that one, I would give you the old Jesse Jackson campaign statement, "Keep hope alive!" We don't know when Brian Quick is gonna click. We don't know when he is gonna wake up himself and realize he is a force on the football field, but I definitely am not ready to give up on him. I also agree with the philosophy that the current regime seems to be using on Quick, bring him in slowly.

The final question is, do these guys present better options that what is coming through the draft? I would say hell yes!!!!!

We can use one of our first rounders on Cordarrelle Patterson, another on Guard or Tackle and focus on our defense the rest of the way. Don't ask me about Safeties cause I honestly don't know who has more upside between this year's draft class and FA class.

So in the end, the WR corps would look like:

1. Percy Harvin - new to system

2. Chris Givens - veteran in system

3. Austin Pettis - veteran in system

4. Ramses Barden - new to system

5. Brian Quick - should be a veteran but who knows

6. Rookie - newbie to everything that is NFL

I say, not bad at all. What do you say?

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