Mock Trinity. Bring back jack, three trades, and plenty of cap.


  • Steven Jackson (-7 million against the cap )
  • Wayne Hunter {-4 million against the cap)
  • Quentin Mikell (-6 million against the cap)

Free Agents:

  • Steven Jackson RB (1 year at 3.5 million)
  • William Hayes DE/DT (3 years at 10.5 million)

Total cap left: 9 Million. Enough to sign the rooks and bring back some of our low end free agents and fill out the roster. Cut Harvey Dahl If necessary to free up 4 million more and go with Rok instead.

Trade: Rams 1st rounder next year and our 3rd and 5th this year for Cincy's 37 and 52 this year. Don't worry, with these picks that first will be in the late twenties next year ;-)

Draft: Click the names for highlights.

16 . trade Denver for pick 28 and 58

22. Chance Warmack OG He missed seven assignments in the 728 snaps he played in 2012.. That's a 99 percent success rate for all you lit majors. Coincidentally, those are the chances he will be a monster at the next level.

28. Deandre Hopkins WR He doesn't have elite size or elite speed but still very effective. He is a touch down factory and has some of the best hands in the draft. Sam's new blanket to replace Danny A. Not necessarily at slot but just as his reliable target.

37. Matt Elam SS The swiss army knife kind of safety. He could be gone on day 1 but with the probability of a QB run and so many good D-lineman he will probably be here. Can play cover 2 just as easy as he can load the box. A.K.A. everything Mikell and Dahl couldn't do for us last year.

46 . Arthur Brown OLB Hard working. Hard Hitting. Exactly the kind of guy you want on your team. A tackling machine to help bolster our run defense but also good in coverage. He will break his back for his team if he doesn't break someone else first.

53. trade 9ers for 74 and 93. 7 picks in the first three rounds may sound far fetched but we had 5 picks in the first three rounds last year and we have an extra first to work with this year.

58. Da'Rick Rogers WR With the distinct possibility that we lose our top two receivers in an offense that already was a little low on talent at the position we may very well draft our sixth receiver in 3 years O_O What Deandre may lack in physicality Da'Rick more than makes up for. May not be the best WR in the draft and certainly not the most well behaved but he brings the intensity and physicality we have been desperately needing at the position. And he makes a hell of a highlight reel. With these two and Quick still possibly developing into something and the emergence of Givens I think we can finally feel ok about our receiving game.

74. Bacarri Rambo. FS The safety pool is big this year and guys like Swearinger can really rise up the boards. Why take a risk with Rambo in the second? That is what we want every other front office thinking. This guy is a first round talent if it wasn't for behavior issues. Maybe the best cover safety in the draft.

93. Kyle Long T It is a bad year to need a tackle. Look for the majority of free agents to be franchised and the rest to get big contracts making it all but impossible to fill the need through free agency. To make matters worse after the three first round locks and Fluker who may also go in the first the talent pool drops by alot. I prefer Menelik in the mid tier tackles but he is gone by now and if Bacarri lasts to the third it would be foolish not to pick him up. I go with the nepotism pick here %controversy.

110. Joseph Fauria TE Doesn't block well so mainly an effective red-zone target but we already have good blockers. Satiates the receiving tight end fetish some of you seem to have.

174. Tanner Hawkinson T Project right tackle. I sure hope you are reading these. If not you might not enjoy Hawkinson's "highlights". In truth I couldn't find any highlights. Good pick in the late rounds. Don't click his name. Fair warning.

206. Josh Boyd DT Its Jeff Fisher. Somebody on D-line is getting drafted but with hayes retained the need is low. Here is a diamond in the rough.

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