Cordarrelle Patterson - Is he Worth it?

With every draft season, you always have fan favorites. It seems like every season brings the same positions of interest with those being, Wide Receiver, Outside Linebacker, and Offensive Linemen/Guard. This draft season is no different with the common names of Keenan Allen, Tavon Austin, Chance Warmack, and Jonathan Cooper. All of these players I would honestly be happy if the Rams drafted them (although we all know I'm not the biggest Guard enthusiast and think we could get one later for better value). One name that has popped up recently is Cordarrelle (In the first) Patterson and personally I don't know why. He seems exactly like a type of receiver that we should stay away from. My case on why we shouldn't pick him, especially in the first round, is below.



You might ask me, exactly what do you mean by a type of receiver we should stay away from, and I answer with a simple word, raw. Sure, I will admit that the guy has massive potential, but he seems too much like a boom or bust type of a receiver. He seems like he could be just like Brian Quick in the fact that it could take him some time to develop and adjust to the NFL. The more I watch his highlights, the more I am not impressed. This below is exactly how I feel about him as I watch more and more.

From Matthew Fairburn of SB Nation:

For as dynamic a player as he is, Patterson needs to become more physical in fighting through press coverage. Despite his size, he is not a particularly strong player, thus he gets jammed easily at the line of scrimmage. He also loses focus too frequently, causing dropped passes, fumbles or careless plays. Likewise, his blocking efforts left quite a bit to be desired during his season at Tennessee.

In addition to his lack of focus, Patterson also doesn't have the best technique when catching passes. He often lets the ball come into his body and tries to turn up field before reeling the ball in. That caused too many passes to hit the turf this season.

Sure, you can tell me he has a great load of potential and I could dispute that. In fact, I love his athleticism, but we just picked a raw type player last season in Brian Quick, who didn't do much but show a few flashes this season. What this team needs is a receiver that can step in immediately and make an impact. Patterson does not seem to be that guy. He will need help in a lot of places considering he only played one season at a major college. He will not start right away unless he's forced in, which doesn't seem like the type of method Fisher and crew will take. There are plenty of other wide receivers that could potentially make a bigger impact like:

DeAndre Hopkins

Tavon Austin

Justin Hunter

Keenan Allen

Terrance Williams

All five of these guys are rated above Patterson according Yes, we do need to build for the future and I do not dispute one bit that Cordarrelle Patterson could eventually be a bonafide play-maker in the future, but so could any of the receivers stated above. The difference is they could start earlier. Look, I'm not trying to bash him one bit and I wish him the best in his future in the NFL where ever he goes, but as 3k would say, "He has a low floor and high ceiling." He should go to a team that will allow him to sit and learn behind vets. A team that can in turn afford to let him sit, but the Rams are not that team.

Bottom line is that we need starters with our two potential first round picks, not projects. To end on a good note, here's some of his highlights. I know it will give his fans more ammo but he can ball I have to admit.

The Supreme Cordarrelle Patterson Highlights (viaMockingNFLDraft)

Thanks for reading and comments are appreciated.

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