The WR "Situation"

One thing that keeps coming up time and time again is how we have problems at WR. We do have a young set of WRs at the moment, yes. But, looking at it as a problem is the exact opposite of how we should be looking at it. Look at what we have on roster:

Chris Givens 6'0" - 2nd year player; Sub 4.3 speed; Can run after the catch; Can take the top off the defense; runs short routes extremely well; Returns kicks well

Brian Quick 6'3" - 2nd year player; Big target, big hands; Physical after the catch; Big red zone target; Works the middle of the field well

Austin Pettis 6'3" - 3rd year player; Large target; Best hands on the team; Works well in slot or spread out; Red zone target; Great separation on intermediate routes

Titus Young 5'11" - 3rd year player; Takes top off defense; Works slot extremely well; Underneath and over the top speed; Runs well with the ball; Potential No. 1 WR even at small height

Teams carry 5 active roster WRs into each game. So far, we have 4 WRs that have much upside and youth to their advantages. The reason why Danny Amendola was Sam Bradford's favorite target was he was:

1. Comfortable with him. This takes time. Young receivers have to learn the speed of the game and the tendencies of their quarterback. You cannot throw a young WR with an uncomfortable quarterback and expect success right off the bat. This means whether he's the #1 overall pick, the #57 overall pick, or the #252 overall pick. Time. It takes time. You need IN-GAME time. Practice is one thing, but if you do not know how someone responds to game-time decisions, practice means nothing. You have to be on the same page. Experience is key to a great passing game.

Creating a great passing game is not easy. It does not just happen. You don't give a quarterback a stud WR and then poof he's the next big thing. I urge patience. Especially with the corp of WRs we have now. Drafting a WR in this year's draft would be a mistake. Especially early. If anything, a return specialist should be brought in to handle all return duties. That's your 5th WR. There are plenty of other holes to fill before addressing WR, if even needed at all. The Rams organization sees talent in every player they take on. We are a young team and building TOGETHER. Have faith in the coach and team for this reason:

Jeff Fisher is one of the greatest football minds of our generation. He's a coach, a leader, and a sign of hope to the Rams and the players. You often hear of him "taking on troubled youth." He doesn't take on troubled youth because no one else will. He does it because they can play football. You listen to him talk. He is a mentor and a preacher to his players. He relates with them and gives them a sense of home and belonging. Every single player. Not just one or two. He makes the team a family and a family helps everyone. The man knows what he's doing.

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