The Rams should look into the Percy Harvin situation!



So I saw the various posts about issues with Percy Harvin and the Minnesota Vikings, but I never thought it would come down to a potential trade?! I mean how bad is the guy really? I see a productive, talented, multipurpose veteran with real number 1 potential.

When looking at his stats, its hard to believe that most every team with a need at WR won't be heavy on his heels for a trade, but not many have the kinds of picks WE have and can work a deal like Les Snead can.

Career Stats
Year Receiving Rushing Fumb. KO Ret Punt Ret
Year Team G Rec Yds Y/G Avg 100+ TD Rush Yds Y/G Avg 100+ TD Lost Yds TD Yds TD
2009 MIN 15 60 790 52.7 13.2 1 6 15 135 9.0 9.0 0 0 0 1156 2 0 0
2010 MIN 14 71 868 62.0 12.2 3 5 18 107 7.6 5.9 0 1 1 933 1 0 0
2011 MIN 16 87 967 60.4 11.1 2 6 51 342 21.4 6.7 0 2 2 520 1 0 0
2012 MIN 9 62 677 75.2 10.9 3 3 22 96 10.7 4.4 0 1 1 574 1 0 0

When looking at his production above, like with most wide receivers, his yardage is taking a hit due to poor QB play. There is only so much that can be done when your QB is Christian Ponder. Sorry folks, I was never sold on him being first rounder, let alone the 12th pick in draft and have always felt like the Vikings reached for that pick.

Yet I digress, his numbers were his best when he had Brett Favre throwing to him. Now Sam Bradford is not by any means a Brett Favre, but he sure in the hell is better than Christian Ponder. Imagine if we have Percy Harvin, Chris Givens, Brian Quick, Austin Pettis and maybe Titus Young (if he can keep his weirdness to himself). That would be possibly the most dangerous WR corps in the NFC West. We would dominate!

He can return kicks, he can be a tailback, he is a more than capable receiver. The real question is, what is he worth? I would think he would be worth a first rounder, but then I have to keep my GM hat on and look at the recent injury. What's up with the ankle now? Would he be up for a change of scenery? Would he like playing in a real dome with a real roof? (LOL, Sorry, I couldn't resist!)

From a contract standpoint, he's not that expensive, surprisingly. His contract states per Rotoworld, "8/2/2009: Signed a five-year, $12.05 million contract. The deal contains $8.425 million guaranteed, including a $2,158,500 roster bonus in the third season. Another $2.2 million is available through incentives. Harvin is eligible for annual workout bonuses of $27,500 throughout the contract's life. 2013: $2.9 million, 2014: Free Agent". So, we could offer a 3rd round pick this year and a conditional second for 2014 maybe? My points may be off but you get my point. We'd have to work out a longer term contract but so what. He's 24 years old man!

Another thing is what is up with all of the rumors of being a locker room disruption? Why would we really care since we are already the team that specializes in working with those who are life challenged? I would say this, we would truly be cheating ourselves if we did not look into Percy Harvin. If he were obtainable, at that point, we could care less if Danny and Gibby bounced.

I am a Danny Amendola fan, but he has to be almost as frustrating to watch as it was to watch Danario Alexander. Both are true talents and could be elite players if not for their injuries list. Extensive injuries list. Talking about road miles here people. How much do you pay for that? How long do you keep a roster spot open for that?

The time is now to add NFC Champions to Jeff Fisher's resume with the Rams. I can't speak for anyone else, but the San Francisco 49er's trip to the Super Bowl did nothing but give me a great deal of hope for the Rams for the 2013-2014 season. The NFC West will be the new division to beat and our defensive dominance will grow and with this recipe of weapons for Bradford in his second year of this offense would make one of the most pitiful offenses of 2012 the most formidable of the upcoming season. That's just my take, what's your's?

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