First Mock of the year!!!

Whats up guys?? Havent made a post in a while but fear not, for I think (hope) you will enjoy this one. Its my first mock draft!!

Now as much as I hate to say it, looks like the 2013 season is done for us. We have had some ups and downs, but we are definitely heading in the right direction. Sam's injury was a devastating loss for sure and play calling has been questionable but this is a young team that wants to win. And we will. We are just a few pieces away.

I know it's early and a lot of you frown upon mocks before the season is over, but I enjoy doing them and sharing them with everyone. So I hope ya like it!

Here we go:


In this scenario the Rams trade Washington's #2 overall pick to the Vikings. Minnesota will likely finish with the 4th or 5th overall pick. It is obvious that Matt Cassel, Christian Ponder and Josh Freeman aren't the QB's of the future in Minnesota, and that is why they choose to leapfrog over Jacksonville to grab Teddy Bridgewater. I am not really sold on any other QB enough to be taken in the top 10 or even the first round and as we saw last year Minnesota likes to make trades on draft day. They would get the number two pick and the Rams would get the number 5 pick and Minnesota's second round pick.

Pick 1A(From Vikings)-Mike Evans WR Texas A&M



Yes, we picked Tavon 8th overall last year and lately he's been playing very well. Still, he is not a number 1 WR. In fact, nobody on the team is. Enter Mike Evans. Watch this guy vs. Alabama. They had no answer for him. He's big(6'5) and and can easily win jump balls but is also a good route runner with good speed. Bradford is the Rams QB and we need to give him some help, Evans would be a very welcomed addition to this offense and would become Sam's new best friend right away.

Pick 1B-Jason Verrett CB TCU



Anyone who watched the Rams at Cardinals game (or really any game this season) knows the secondary needs help. We were shredded by Carson Palmer with a bum elbow. It is obvious that JJ is not playing as well as he was a season ago, part of that could be blamed on the 10 yard cushions Walton is allowing, but still JJ is struggling. Another corner would definitely help this defense. Jason Verrett is very similar to Jenkins. They are both 5'10 and and run around 4.45. Verrett plays much bigger than 5'10 however and has a nose for the football. He is tough and he is also a sound tackler. I expect JJ to rebound next season but it would be nice to have another corner. Tru has come into his own and become a good player. Verrett has the ability to be a lock down corner. He could push himself into being the number 1 corner on the team and leave Jenkins as the slot corner.

Pick 2A(From Vikings)-Anthony Johnson DT LSU



Too often this year the Rams have been gashed by running backs. Another big run stuffing DT can help shore up the run defense. Kendall Langford has played much better in his second year as a Ram but is still the weakest link on our stacked D-line. Anthony Johnson is like Michael Brockers in a lot of ways. They are both big run stuffers. Like Brockers first coming out. Johnson is still a bit raw, but he is powerful and quick for his size (6'3 305). Johnson may not replace Langford right away but if Langford struggles again or gets injured Johnson would be a great backup and eventual replacement for him.

Pick 2B-Calvin Pryor S Louisville



It is no secret that the St. Louis Rams need a safety opposite TJ McDonald. Calvin Pryor (who may be my favorite player in the draft) can be that guy. Pryor is a big hitter like McDonald, but is much better in coverage and has good ball skills (check out his crazy interception vs UCF, you'll see what I mean). Pryor would be a great upgrade over Mcleod and would likely start from day one. We would have a hard-hitting safety tandem that would be strong against the run. Also opposing QB's won't be able to throw on us as easily with JJ, Tru, Verrett, Pryor and McDonald in the secondary.

Pick 3-David Yankey G/OT Stanford



For the most part the Rams O-line has a done a nice job this year. Roger Saffold started the season at RT and was moved to RG where he has performed well. Joe Barksdale replaced Saffold at RT and has done fairly well at the position. The Rams face a conflict however as Saffold may leave during the offseason as a FA, which is why the Rams should pick David Yankey. Yankey is versatile and can play tackle or guard. If Fish and Snead are uncomfortable with letting Barksdale play RT heading into 2014 Yankey would be a good replacement, especially if Saffold stays with the team and plays guard. If Saffold leaves Barksdale could remain at RT and Yankey can play RG or we could kick Yankey to RT and have Barrett Jones take over at RG. Yankey could be stretch here in the third but would be a steal as he's good in is pass protection and run blocking. Possible eventual replacement for Long.

Pick 4-Denicos Allen OLB Mich. St



I love Dunbar but there is a good possibility he leaves after this season. He has been one of the best run defenders on the team but is not the greatest pass rushing OLB. If he leaves, Denicos Allen would be a nice replacement. Allen is a good run defender (though not on Dunbar's level) but is a very good pass rusher. He had a phenomonal 2011 season followed up by two very good seasons. He could be a great pick here in the fourth.

Pick 5-Keith Price QB Washington



No doubt that Snead and Fish are sticking with Bradford but there's also no doubt that we need a backup QB. Bradford was having a career year before getting injured, and if he were to get injured again or come back and not play well, nobody wants to watch Kellen Clemens. That's why the Rams should look at Keith Price. Price has improved big time this year. He has good accuracy and mobility, and his decison making has gotten better. He would definitely be better than Clemens and would be a good backup for Sam.

Pick 6-Alex Bullard G Tennessee



Guard who is good in pass protection, needs to work on run blocking. Could make for a good center. Would not be a starter but would be good for O-line depth.

Pick 7-Asa Watson TE NC State



Good receiving TE, needs work on blocking. More TE depth.

So thats it. For now at least. I feel this addresses most of our major needs with good players. I would love for this to happen on draft day.

Let me know what ya think in the poll and comments! Thanks for reading!

Horns Up!

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