Insomniacs December Delight, Rams mock 2.0

the 2014 Rams draft version 2.0

In October I made my first mock of the year, and since then so much has happened that I felt I would update my mock, but this time, I will focus solely on the Rams as opposed to my full mock draft. If my math is correct this is what our draft should somewhat look like. I wish I knew more about compensatory picks so I can mock us with more picks, but it is a confusing process and I will stay out of that for now.

2 via washington








Cleveland rectifies its lack of chutzpah when it could have acquired RG3 by moving up into the second pick of the 2014 draft to take Teddy Bridgewater. This trade also solidifies Sam Bradford's standing with the Rams and will now define the Les Snead tenure as GM. Cleveland moves up 6 places from 8 to 2 and gives the Rams the following picks.


24 via Indy


and a second round pick in 2015

8 Louis Nix DT Notre Dame

14 Justin Gilbert CB Ok ST

24 Taylor Lewan T Mich

40 David Yankey G Stan

46 La'el Collins G LSu

78 Morgan Breslin OLB/DE USC

110 Nickoe Whitley S MIss

142 Aaron Murray QB Georgia

174 Aaron Lynch DE So Flo

206 Cory Nelson OLB/S Okla

I can see us also trading down and or up besides the blockbuster we pull off with Cleveland. Picks are very very valuable to this front office and with the depth of this draft and the needs of this team, I can see us being a very busy team on draft day.This draft does not have that sure fire Andrew Luck player, but it does contain a large amount of talent in the first three rounds and accumulating as many picks as possible would benefit our team greatly. We have many holes to fill, but none at the skill position and the only high value position of need would be our corner issues. There is a lot of talent coming out at corner back and I would not be surprised to see us take at least 1 if not 2 corners relatively high.

We can be starting as many as three rookie offensive lineman in 2015 if my mock is remotely close, that is never an easy thing to do. It does however address the one thing Snead and Fisher said they would like to do and that is phase out vets with contracts and get younger. Breslin, and Nelson are versatile players that will be able to add depth, Whitley is a fav of mine and would compliment TJ very well. Lynch would be a steal if he is still on the board, Murray is a upgrade to Clemens. Drafting Yankey and Collins makes us mean and athletic up front and Lewan won't be asked to start right away with the way Barksdale is playing. Nix and Gilbert fill holes on our defense and will hopefully take our defense to the next level. I am not one of those that think Langford needs to go, but his money does, hopefully we figure out a way to keep him around. I drafted assuming that we lose Saffold, who I will admit to being very wrong about. I really like how Roger has swallowed his pride and done what has to be done for this team to be semi successful.

I hope that this offseason we develop an identity, I am a firm and staunch non believer in Schotty and believe that his absence will not hurt the maturation of either Sam or his playmakers. We need to bring someone in that is able to get all our playmakers on the same page and knows creative ways to use all of them. We are not giving up on Quick, or Cook, or Givens, they all serve a roll and will need to grow together. I would hate to see us draft any more playmakers for the next few years.

Finally I would just like to add this, there are many of you that would like Jarius Byrd, but I am one to think that there is another former Duck that would fit our style better and be a tiny bit cheaper, TJ Ward. If we are able to sign Ward, then it gives us more leeway in the mid rounds on our search to find our safety of the future.

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