Tampa Rams TRADESANITY MOCK!!!!!!!!!!

I'm bored, and when i get bored, i start thinking about the draft even more.

I already came out with my midseason mock last week, so decided to try something different.

A new mock with lots of trades and selecting all new players that weren't used in my original.

It's CRAZINESS!!!!!!!But it could work.......maybe.....i said maybe ok!!!! Get off my back already!!!!!!!

I am also going to include a 2nd mock, which i will explain about later as you will see.

Let's get this chaos of a draft going!!!!

TRADES!!!!!!!!!! oh boy are you in for some fun!!!!!

oh btw, in this draft, we hold the #1 overall pick!!!!! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!

Trade 1:

Rams trade #1 overall to the Browns

Rams Gain:

Josh Gordon!!!!!!!!!

Browns 2014 1st rounder (#25 overall)

Browns 2014 2nd rounder (#39 overall)

Browns 2015 1st rounder

*ok, i know some of you are thinking" WTF MATE"???????? Why do we not get the Browns #7 overall??????????? You are crazy!!!!! Maybe, maybe not. The reason why we take the #25 overall instead of the 7th is so we can get that future first. Brown don't want to lose both 1st rounder this yea, so we tell them, Give us Gordon and next years 1st and your 2nd this year and we will trade back to #25. 25 they ask????? Yup, thats right, that way you can draft Mike Evans at #7 to go with your shiny new QB Bridgewater. "Mariota returning to school leaves Bridgewater as the undisputed top QB in the draft" Snead tell them. They debate a little bit and say F*** it!!!!! lets do this!!!!

Trade 2:

Falcons trade up from #35 to get our #25


Falcons 3rd rounder(#67 overall)

Trade 3:

Texans trade up from #91 to get our #79


Texans 5th rounder(#130 overall)


1.15 - HaHa Clinton-Dix FS, Alabama

2.35 - Darqueze Dennard CB, Michigan State

2.39 - Kelcy Quarles DT, South Carolina

2.47 - E.J. Gaines CB, Missouri / Lamarcus Joyner S/CB, Florida State(like them both, so you decide)

3.67 - Seantrel Henderson OT, Miami

3.91 - David Fales QB, San Jose State

4.103 - Jonathan Brown OLB, Illinois

5.130 - Andrew Norwell G/OT, Ohio State

5.143 - James White RB, Wisconsin

6.175 - Kerry Hyder DT, TTU

7.207 - Gabe Ikard G/C, Oklahoma

So there you have it!!!! I actually had even more trades but dialed it down a notch cause i was frying my brain over them all.

Ok, now for you people who don't like to project trades in mocks...blah blah blah. I think a mock with trades is more realistic then one without. Teams almost always trade at some point. But regardless.

In this non-trade mock, i am going to against my better judgement and select an OT and guard early!!!! ewwwwwwwwww!!!!!!

1.1 - Jake Mathews OT, Texas A&M

1.2 - HaHa Clinton-Dix FS, Alabama

2.1 - Cyril Richardson G, Baylor

3.1 - Antone Exum S/CB, Virginia Tech

4.1 - Daniel McCullers DT, Tennessee

5.1 - Alvin Dupree OLB, Kentucky

6.1 - Aaron Murray QB, Georgia

7.1 - Wayne Lyons CB, Stanford

Well there you have it, two mocks for the price of none!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let me know what you think, or not, whatever. Rec it or baby puppies die!!!!!!! ok just kidding, but bacon will become outlawed if you don't!!!!

OOOOOOOHHH lookit!!!!! a pole!!!!!! voting time!!!!!!!

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