So, The Rams Didn't Suck In 2013...... But What's Next?

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Hey All,

Another season done and no matter how many shoulders the Rams stand on, the fence seems to getting higher and higher. And before you mumble and grumble and say "HUH?" Three teams from the NFC West were in it for NFC playoff spots going into the last weekend of play. But, the team that's wasn't in it for the NFC West, well if you don't know the answer, you shouldn't be on this site.

The shoulders I refer to are Robert Quinn, Tavon Austin and Yes, Kellen Clemons.

The Ram world as we would like it, seemed to end when the pile that once was SAM BRADFORD lied on the sideline grass in Carolina. While, if alone on the Injured reserve, this would be news across NFL. But this year it was as if only bad-luck was in the back pocket of quite a few teams who had to bear losing their quarterbacks also. Some were fortuned as I believed we were to have a capable back-up. It is true that Kellen Clemons had the benefit of knowing the offense better than any player on the roster. Just as long as the Rams didn't depend on him leading the way, he did hold a bright enough flashlight that the team didn't dip back to the happy clap. He will never lead this team to the playoffs. He did will some good play on the field and influenced Sam's improvement this season regardless of how short it was for him. Before the question of "should Clemons be here next year?". Many needed changes will come this off-season and if the offense is affected (many expect this), will there be a reason for West-Coast Clemons to be here anyway. So the answer to both is, NO!

If Manning wasn't having such a outer space season, #94 shouldn't be mentioned just as a defensive player of the year candidate, he should be considered as the Most Valuable Player as well. Robert Quinn is the most deserving of any praise on the entire roster. And as the season progressed he just continued to improve. As any elite rush player, he has some holes to his game. Early on, the run defense suffered including Robert's play. As the middle stiffened during games he was running down ball carriers all over the place. He become a better all-around with his strips and his trademark moves. Maybe this season was his tribute to the Deacon.

"Tavon, if Sam hadn't been injured, do you think we would have ever seen that Rainbow that Clemons threw to you for that Touchdown?"

"Hell NO!"...."Man, if Sam had been throwing that pass, I'd still be running under it!"

Tavon Austin made it fun to which the Rams play a few times this year. That back peddle return for a touchdown hands down is my favorite play of the year. Only a couple players in the NFL could have come close to those moves.

Hey Tavon, translate those great plays to a great season and which out. This is the start of something memorable my friends.

As far as this past season as a whole. Excuse me, holes. Plenty still to fill. A short list that is open to be added to:

1. On field leadership- Position open. Wanted, someone who will lead by either example or exhibit by shared experience.

2. Steal the playbook of the teams who exploit the Rams weak-side run defense.

3. Flogging for players who continue to have those ugly yellow flags thrown by the word of the $7500 FINE.

Let 2014 be Fun for all Rams fans in all that they do. Be safe.

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