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As some of you may have seen, the other day I posted my first article here on Turf Show Times. First off, I just want to say thanks to everyone for their input and positive comments. I am writing this new article to provide a simpler mock draft, rather then a super lengthy article filled with a bunch of extra thoughts and "what-if?s". So no messing with big free agency plans or anything like this. Instead I'm going to do TWO big draft trade downs. In this mock I will be going under the scenario that Rams release Dahl, Wells, and Finnegan and resign Saffold and Dunbar.

2014 Dream Draft

1st Round:

#2: Rams trade the #2/77 picks to Browns for #4/24 picks. Browns want to get Carr and have the pieces to move up and get him before Jacksonville. However Rams have to give up a 3rd rounder to get Browns to pull the trigger.

#4: Rams trade the #4 pick to Giants for #12/#44/#108 picks. Giants move up to get Clowney, wanting the next big defensive star to get them back on track. After Clowney impresses at the combine, but falls to #4 due to 3 teams with a very high need for QB, Giants make their move knowing he won't last much longer.

#12: Justin Gilbert (CB). This kid is a stud. Jenkins/Johnson are not a Superbowl winning combo, and in today's league you need more then just two CBs anyway. Great athleticism and size from Gilbert. Gives us a talented, young CB trio.



#13: Haha Clinton-Dix (FS). I'm actually kind of worried about this pick. I am not impressed with his film, and many others share that opinion with me. Rams need a coverage safety bad, and this year's free safeties all come with question marks in that area. However, my next two favorites, Pryor and Bailey, are reaches at this point, and there are still many who think Dix is the next Jairus Byrd, so let's go with it.



#24: Gabe Jackson (OG). Fisher finally drafts an offensive lineman in the first thanks to a plethora of picks. Jackson won't last much longer, and Rams have a complete hole at one of the two OG spots. Also Long and Saffold are made of glass so healthy youth is much needed. Got to protect Bradford, give our receivers time to get open, and give Stacy/D-Rich/Cunningham some holes.



2nd Round:

#44: Will Sutton (DT). Sutton comes with his fair share of question marks. Some see Sutton as a first round stud and others see him as a 3rd round rotational player. However, since Rams still have Langford and won't have to just throw Sutton into a starting position, this pick makes sense here. He will have time to learn the NFL, and for now good be a great rotational player. We need someone to eventually replace Langford's average play and contract. And we need DT depth.



#45: James Hurst (OT). I can only say so many times how important better offensive line play is for us. However, with Long and Barksdale playing well we don't have to spend a Top-5 pick on a tackle who may sit on the bench. Plus the recent failure of many Top-5 offensive tackles scares me. I like Hurst, have had a good feeling about him. Will provide some good insurance incase Long can't hold up, and could eventually be his successor. Long, Barksdale, Saffold, Jackson, and Barnes/Jones should be our best line in a while. Throw in Hurst, Smith, and Barnes/Jones for depth, and Bradford has to be happy.



3rd Round:


4th Round:

#108: Jimmy Garoppollo (QB). I really like this kid. He is a local favorite, and has some great tools. Could really develop behind Bradford and be a very good back-up as well. Need to take him in 4th round because I think he will be rising up draft boards.



#109: Tre Boston (DB). I think Boston will fall down the board a little bit, but he is a great pick for the Rams thanks to his versatility. Good coverage skills, has played safety and corner back in college. He will take the 5th CB spot but can also provide safety insurance.



5th Round:

#141: DeAndre Coleman (DT). Coleman is the exact opposite of Sutton, as in Coleman is freaking huge. Coleman provides further insurance at DT depth, helping free up money next year via Langford's departure. Great value here.



6th Round:

#173: Prince Shembo (OLB). I think Shembo could be a 4th round OLB, but trouble off the field slides him down. Need a new OLB and depth since another 1-year rental of Dunbar isn't the long term answer. Can compete with Armstrong for that spot.



7th Round:

#205: Colt Lyeria (TE). Once again we take a chance on a questionable player, which is okay because we have a million draft picks. Cook hasn't been the receiving TE we quite imagined. We should still be far from giving up on him, but taking a chance on another receiving TE in Lyeria doesn't hurt either. Lyeria was often viewed by many as the best TE in the class earlier this year.



#Extra 7th Round Pick I Swear We Have But I Can't Find Info On: Cornelius Lucas (OT). Big dude. Gives us depth on an often injured offensive line and someone we could work to coach up.




With the infusion of offensive line youth and talent, a much improved secondary, and the elimination of some big contracts, Rams are in a great place for the future. Once again I ignored wide receiver because i just don't see the guy we are looking for. Next years draft class features Alabama stud Amari Cooper, 6 foot 4 Jalen Strong, local favorite and very tall receiver Dorial Green-Beckham, and 6 foot 5 receiver Kelvin Benjamin. The last three are more of what we need. A tall receiver who doesn't lack physical talent or football IQ. Someone Bradford can throw it up to and rely on to bring it down again and again. Each of those last three has the potential to be a big time WR and with much of our holes now covered, I'm sure we could land one, even if we had to make a move to do so.

For more St. Louis Rams or Chicago Bulls opinions and news check out my sports twitter account: @Rams_Bulls_News. Here's to a bright future!

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