2014 mock draft and off-season moves

Hello fellow rams fans

As the season starts to come to a close, once again we are on the outside looking in but. I have great faith that these day are coming to a close in the near future. I have put together a few scenarios that in my opinion could help us turn the corner into greatness. So here goes.


CUTS/Restructures: Kendell Langford,Scott Wells,Harvey Dahl,Cortland Finnegan (contract restructure)

Cortland Finnegan- Has to believe he's not worth the money, it seem like he's lost a step and he cant play at the high level he once played at. if the rams cut him i don't think he would be picked up by another team especially since the eye injury he sustained.

Kendell Langford- he's so inconsistent he has like three or four game a season were he play lights out and that just not good enough. he was a 3-4 DE but that's no excuse for for him being dominated in one on ones so often. i think he would be bought back for depth purposes but not much more.

Scott Wells,Harvey Dahl- they're ok but getting up in age and with the injuries and not being able to finish seasons. i think it's time to move on we can draft some young talent that could do what they're doing.


Resigning Roger Saffold- i think this is a must, Roger is coming along very well at guard. he's strong at the point of attack he's one of those athletic offensive linemen that can pull has quick feet great footwork and very good at pulling. injuries are a concern but i think he will stay more heathly at guard because, he doesn't have the worry reaching or getting rolled up on. saffold's versatility will be an amazing plus for him and this team going forward and he still young.

i don't think we need another big ticket free agent this year. i think we have enough picks to fill the most pressing needs but i would like to see Jairus Byrd in blue and gold.


In this scenario i have a trade that involve the falcons wanting to move up the get Clowney. and here's why. I think the falcons make the move in a Julio jones type of deal and here’s why. 1 if we end up with the number 2 pick (which i think we will). Bridgewater goes to the texans or jags he just to good to pass up and, both teams QB situations are awful and he would be the prime candidate. 2 the falcons have been riddled with injuries this season and, they still have all the right pieces to be a Super Bowl contender. The one thing there missing is a legit pass rusher. 3 Snead and the falcons have that connection to where. He can call Art up and get the deal done and, Atlanta likes to gamble on potential elites (Julio jones). 4 Since there will be a lot of teams fighting for that pick. the falcon might have to give up a little more than everyone else like, Cleveland,buffalo,Tampa bay because when healthy, Atlanta can do some damage and could possibly win a Super Bowl. i think Atlanta wins 1 or two more games which will take the out of range for Clowney so from that trade here is what we will receive. their 1st rounder this year and next year a third rounder and a sixth rounder this year.

1A. Ifo Ekpre-Olomu- CB, Oregon- Guy is a stud he reminds me a lot or Jarnois Jenkins. he has great change of direction skills, great ball skills and always plays the ball if he can't make a play on it or get the int. he play special teams also so you know he's tough, he's has better technique than Jenkins coming out of college which is a big plus. the only thing i don't like about him is his size 5'10 190 but, he plays bigger than his size and he tackles well to so i don't think it will be a big concern. did i mention he's fast has great closing and recovery speed, bottom line this guy is a playmaker and will fly up draft boards as the draft draws closer. (that's why i have him so high)

1B. Haha Clinton-Dix- FS, Alabama- Ya'll probably wondering DB'S with the first 2 picks? well the back end of our defense is not that great. currently were ranked 31st in pass defense and, This has to change if we plan to make it to the top of the NFC WEST. Some may not think Ha'Sean won't be here when we pick but, as tough as our remaining schedule is we might not win another game. Ha'Sean is your prototype FS, good range and ball skills sound tackler and good instincts for a young player. he also has good size 6'1 210, with him and Mcdonald back there give us a good young tandem, to go along with good young playmaking corners.

2. David Yankey G/OT, Stanford- Another versatile o-lineman Yankey is not a mean nasty linemen like dahl but. he make up for it with great technique, great feet and hand placement. He's fundamentally sound and has the ability to play tackle, you can never have enough linemen like this in case of injury.

3A. Kelvin Benjamin WR, Florida State- The dude is huge 6'5 235, he has very deceptive speed he's a constant deep threat for Jameis and makes all the tough catches. my concerns or he is not a skilled route runner but, since he played good competition i think he could develop into a good player after a year. some may think we don't need a receiver but, i don't know about Chris givens and Brian Quick if they don't develop i think Benjamin would be a great option to have.

3B. Daniel McCullers DT, Tennessee- McCullers is huge 6'8 360 seriously, this guy is a run stuffing machine he doesn't offer much in the pass rushing department but. he's run stopping ability is a must have for this defense, he's had an off year this year but Tennessee is awful this season. they cant rush the passer nor can they cover anyone and he's often double teamed, which won't happen here because. no one in the nfl is going to leave Brockers one on one with a guard. my concerns are he plays to high sometimes but, i think our d'line coach will get him to playing well like he did with Brockers.

4. Jeff Mathews QB, Cornell- prototype NFL size 6'4 224, a absolute cannon of an arm, decent accuracy,quick release. the bad almost no mobility, bad footwork when facing pressure, 3/4 release delivery, average pocket presence. Jeff Mathews is a project with a lot of upside, with a lot of correctable bad habits. Bradford no longer has a need a veteran QB to learn from, its time to move on from Clemons and develop a young QB if Bradford is not the answer.

5. stanley jean baptiste CB, Nebraska- big physical corner (6'3) remains me of Richard Sherman, great ball skills (former receiver) loves contact and big hits. he can play safety and he blitzes very well, can go up on jump balls and win. he's not very fast and can get caught on double moves trying to jump routes, bottom line is he has a lot of upside and in the fifth round it's low risk high reward. i know you're wondering why two corners in one draft but, we or very thin in the back end. Mcleod and Mcgee are great special teams players and i think it should stay that way.

6A Mason Walters G, Texas- big mauling run blocker with some upside, has a mean side and is every strong. Sometimes he can be dominated by good DT'S with good technique

6B. Michael Dyer RB, Louisville- we all know who this is, hasn't played a lot but has upside if this was 2010 he would be a first round pick. bottom line his good days may be behind him but i think it's worth a shot.

7. Cornelius Lucas OT, Kansas State- big 6'9 328

As always let me know what you think your opinion is greatly appreciated.

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