Three Truths You're Just Gonna Have to Deal With.



I've noticed here on TST and many other Rams blogs, forums and message boards, that, apparently there are a LOT of fans perched atop the St. Louis Arch and aiming for any member of the Rams organization below on the way down. Now, I'm not gonna try to blow sunshine up anyone's ass in this one. I'm not going to tell you all about the sunshine-happy-feel good future of the Rams. I'm not going to tell you how we're gonna combine all our tons of draft picks in April and select a magical unicorn that eats Seahawks and craps rainbow tinted Lombardi trophies.

What I am going to tell you is this. The loss in San Francsico isn't changing anything. These are three truths you're going to have to deal with next year... like it or not.

Sam Bradford WILL be the starting Quarterback:

I know it's a hot-button issue and I know we won a couple games with Kellen Clemens under center. But, Clemens is NOT the future of this team. Get over it. Fact of the matter is, when Bradford went down he was having a career year. Would it have continued after Carolina? I don't know. But, at this point, it doesn't matter. Fisher is going to roll with (one of) the reasons that brought him here. We're not making Clemens the starter. We're not dealing Bradford away in the offseason. We're not drafting Bradford's replacement in April. All the debating in the world isn't going tochange the fact that he will return next season. I, for one, am excited to see what this team can do if they actually play together (like the Colts and Bears games) with the starting QB at the helm. And I can guarantee Fisher is, too. Which brings us to our second point...

Jeff Fisher is NOT leaving St. Louis:

Yeah... seriously... Can you believe people are suggesting this already?? One and three-quarter years into a complete rebuild and some geniuses have figured out that Fisher's the problem? Riiight. I actually saw somebody write something along the lines of "losing to our bitter rivals (49ers) is unacceptable! Fisher must go!". Did we already forget what our record against the 'Niners was pre-Fisher? This team is a better team than it was in 2011. That's fact. If you wanna change out your coach/QB every two years? Go ask the Cleveland Browns how well that's workin' out for them. yuo MIGHT have a shot at one of the coordinaters getting the axe. But, even that's highly unlikely, considering coaching was only a very minute part of the problem this year. I could see if we were in year 4 of the Fisher era and finishing sub-.500, again. But, this whole experiment has just started. Enjoy the ride, or hop off the wagon. Your choice.

The Rams will NOT be relocating:

So, can we stop talking about it? We all know the Rams aren't moving in 2014. They can't. True, 2015 is a differnt story. But, why keep beating the horse if it's not coming back to life for another 2 years? I get it... there are loyal fans in both St. Louis AND Los Angeles. I don't live in either location, so i don't have a dog in the fight. (Although, techincally, it would be more advantageous to me for them to stay close to the east coast. Lol) Still... does it have to be the second most debated topic on Rams message boards? Truth is, as much as anybody claims to know about "Silent Stan's" motives, nobody knows really knows anything but him. This certainly doesn't stop the rampant specualtion and conspiracy theories. All I'm asking is that we place a moratorium on "relocation-gate", until there's some actual, factual news on it to speculate upon.

Beyond that... Well, I guessit's really up in the air.

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