5 Round Mock Draft

Starting off I would like to say I am not chicken little over Jake Long's injury, with that said lets get this started!

With the Redskins pick we trade with the Vikings for their first, second and next years first(I would be ok with their first and second and fifth though)

With our pick we trade with San Diego so they get their CB for a first and second, trade the first we get from them to Cincinnati for their first and third.

That gives us two first round picks, three second round picks and 2 third round picks.

1a) C.J. Mosely - OLB

I have a lot of mixed feelings about what we could do with our first pick but as of right now C.J. Mosely looks like the best deal, of course this will change in a few days when I fall in love with another player but I really like Mosely in my current state. He is going to be a game changer and having him playing next to JL55 and opposite Tree almost brings a tear to my eye thinking how damn good this defense will be with him on the linebacker corps.

1b) Jordan Matthews - WR

Tall, lengthy receiver with the best hands and routes in the draft. He does not get the credit he deserves and in my opinion is better than Evans and Watkins. We no longer need a player with top end speed like watkins when we have players like Chris Givens and Tavon Austin not to mention Jared Cook. He will come in a be our #1 receiver, I know... I'm not ready to give up on Quick either but having Matthews, I believe, will put us over the top on offense as far as skill positions go.

2a) Bradley Roby - CB

He had a bad year this year, I know, something is telling me that he is going to be a monster in the NFL. I may very well be absolutely wrong with this pick but this is my mock draft and I like the way he is projected with his speed length and we are all aware he has shutdown ability.

2b) David Yankey - OG

With LG up in the air and the worry that Rodger may or may not resign, as of right now, I like David Yankey, I like him a lot. I would not be upset if we get Gabe Jackson, either, though. I think they are both going to be badasses in the NFL but I think Jackson leaves in the end of the first.

2c) Dion Bailey - S

I like Bailey more than Bucannon or Pryor, he had a great game against Carr(who is projected to go in the upper half of the first round). He will be reunited with teammate TJ McDonald so the transition will be made a little more smooth.

3a) EJ Gaines - CB

One of the many great CB's from this draft will fall to the third, my opinion it will be Gaines but it may be Purifoy, having too many good CB's is never a bad problem to have. I would love to have that problem, actually.

3b) DaQuan Jones - DT

Absolutely humble, hard working player that deserves a higher pick but will fall. High character, great production, I seriously can not say enough good things about this guy and I pray he is a Ram come next year.

4) Andre Williams - RB

Guy is an absolute baller, there would be no drop off from Stacy, or Cunningham and it would just be unfair to opposing teams(most) front 7 to have to deal with all three.

5) Gabe Ikard - C

Extremely intelligent center coming out of OU, I really like the way he projects, may be a bit on the lighter/shorter side for a C but he may be able to compete for a starting job and that is never a bad thing.

I hope you guys have a horrible Christmas and a shitty New Years. :P

Here's some good music:

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