I have a new concept

which is everything the Rams are now doing is correct.

When reading these posts, I find some of them astounding. 'Get rid of the QB' / 'Draft a DE even though we have one' / 'Get rid of the scouts' etc etc etc. Um, I have a suggestion. Look at the past to see the future.

Remember when Chris Long was drafted? People screamed 'future bust / wasted pick' and now he's one of the leagues top defensive ends. I remember people questioning the Robert Quinn choice and now he's probably the best in the NFL. I remember Lance Kendricks getting hammered by people and now he's a very good tight end and excellent blocker - and one of the main people contributing to the Rams new and more successful run-heavy offense.

Really people look around. All of those players needed one thing. Time.

Something happened oh about 2 years ago which greatly impacted the Rams future, and their potential future success: A complete change in ownership. Not too many people mention it, most are more consumed with Bradford, but it's had a huge change on the team already. Instead of old they're young. Instead of reaching for bad players they're trading up for good ones. Instead of rookie head coaches there's a group of proven veterans. In fact everything has changed.

But some in here act like nothing's happened. Some seem to forget that 'busts' of the past can turn into Pro Bowlers. Some seem to have the patience of a gnat. Some of the same will not heed the advice of this post, which I do understand (even though it's misguided) after so many years of despair. It's easy to think the pattern will continue - which it would if nothing had changed. But things have changed.... so that attitude needs to change....

You can't ignore what's happened. You can't deny 'busts' turning into Pro Bowlers right before our eyes. You can't say Bradford didn't have a Top 11 passer rating the first time he was in the same offense for more than 12 months. You can't say Fisher has never guided a team to a Super Bowl. You can't say Snead isn't any good. You can't say the Rams are not winning more games now than they have in a long time, with basically a team of noobs.

And you can't say young players never improve.

So please spare me the rhetoric. I've checked the cosmos and studied the tea leaves. I've even looked at what's happened in the past. There has been a change, and it's a change for good.

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