Jimmy Garoppolo: The Answer for Sam Haters and Sam Backers

Hey everyone.

This isn't going to be a long and detailed post, at least not today... But to calm the calamity of the quarterback debate, let's look at something we could all agree on.

We need a better backup quarterback who we can trust to win games if Bradford goes down or doesn't recover to his former level of play.

In a backup quarterback prospect, you're generally looking for a few things (with a quick explanation of why):

- Cheap Price Tag - This guy hopefully never has to see the field... You never want to overpay a backup

- Good Head on his Shoulders - This guy needs to know his role as a backup. No one enjoys sitting on the sidelines, but someone with a good head on their shoulders accepts that while working hard to improve their status.

- Physical Skills to be a Starter - This is what Kellen Clemens and Austin Davis have lacked. Sure, they have the first two qualities, but they don't have the physical abilities to run the entirety of an NFL playbook.

Now, there are a few options to fill this role - None of which is more intriguing than Eastern Illinois star Jimmy Garoppolo. Let's look at the pros and cons of this guy.


-Good NFL size. He's about 6'3" 220 lbs. That's about the baseline that you look for in a QB prospect.

-Good NFL arm. He has great arm strength, and good deep accuracy. Wouldn't that be nice given our weapons.

-Good release. Quick, balanced, and accurate

-Some experience in "pro style" offense

-Round 3 or 4 price tag


-Brian Quick Syndrome. Great physical ability, terrible level of competition.

-Not great at facing a strong pass rush (He and Sam could learn together!)

-Could improve his decision making greatly

The fact of the matter is, if we kept Garoppolo we would need to keep Clemens for at least a little while... and Clemens has earned that. However, if Bradford would once again go down long-term, Garoppolo, not Clemens, would be the QB that this team could rally around. But Garoppolo has "about as much upside as any QB in this class", and can be had for a mid round pick.

I know this was brief, but I wanted to post about it before I forgot. I'm sure there'll be more to come about this guy throughout the process. Also, if you want to watch some film to familiarize yourself with Jimmy, check him out in the link below.

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