Hitting Gold in the 2014 Draft!!!

With the Washington Redskins giving the St. Louis Rams prime positioning in the 2014 Draft, its time to make the Redskins and the rest of the NFL pay. With the 2013 shaping up a certain way, I see the Rams finishing with the #2 and #9 overall picks in the 2014 NFL Draft. The Rams wait for a .500+ season shall end in the 2014-2015 season. Why? Because the Rams are going to hit gold in the 2014 NFL Draft! What they need to do is the following:

1st Round Pick #2: Jake Matthews, OT, Texas A&M (6'5" 305 lbs)

- The Rams find there new Orlando Pace in the making (white version). With Matthews and Long as the bookends, The Rams will be strong up front for a solid 4-6 year period. I see Barrett Jones taking over in the middle and the guards being occupied by either: Harvey Dahl, Saffold (if he resigns as a guard), Chris Williams, or a potential late round rookie).

1st Round Pick #9: Sammy Watkins, WR, Clemson (6'1" 200 lbs) OR Mike Evans, WR, Texas A&M (6'5" 225)

- Regardless of who it is, the Rams need a guy that become an instant threat from Day 1. Tavon Austin is great, but is physical outlook doesn't help him that much. But I do love his speed. Watkins or Evans can provide the playmaker ability, great hands, YAC, and the true #1 that Bradford needs. Note: Keep an eye out for guys such as: Jaelen Strong (6'4" 205 lbs) from Arizona State and Austen Hill (6'3" 210 lbs) from Arizona.

2nd Round Pick #44: Calvin Pryor, S, Louisville (6'2" 208 lbs)

- This is where the Rams put a stamp on there emergence back into the top teams in the NFL. Granted that Pryor will only be a rookie going into the 2014 Season, but I think this kid has some serious talent! I know that HaHa Clinton-Dix is a possibility in the 1st Round, but I'm thinking that he will be taken by someone else or that he does not perform well at the combine, etc. I could be wrong. But honestly, I like the realistic possibility of having Jake Matthews, Sammy Watkins, and Calvin Pryor has my first 3 picks. Pryor will play right next to McDonald from the start. And the young duo will bring some punishment and security to the secondary. With Janoris Jenkins, Trumaine Johnson, McDonald, and Pryor, the Rams will be fixing the secondary problems that have plagued them so often this year.

3rd Round Pick # : AJ McCarron, QB, Alabama (6'4" 214 lbs)

- Until I am convinced otherwise, I want McCarron as the backup quarterback heading in the 2014 season. He can be groomed, and if Bradford gets hurt or struggles, than the Rams can turn the McCarron. McCarron has the heart to win and I know that if Bradford cant put the Rams over the hump, then McCarron will.

4th Round Pick : EJ Gaines, CB, Missouri (5'11" 195 lbs)

- Gaines will give Rams fan a sigh of relief in case Finnegan performs the way he did in 2013...

5th Round Pick: Zach Fulton, G, Tennessee (6'5" 323 lbs)

- Fisher has the ability to groom a late round pick into one of his crowning jewels.

6th Round Pick: Denicos Allen, OLB, Michigan State (5'11" 225 lbs)

- In case, Dunbar does not resign. Plus, Dunbar is sometimes a liability. However, Ray Ray Armstrong could take the job.

7th Round Pick: Opinions???

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