Rams Should Trade a 2014 First Rounder for Josh Gordon



Hey guys, first post here. I'm a huge Rams fan living out here in Long Beach, CA. I just wanted to suggest this idea and see what kind of feedback I would get. From one standpoint, you could argue that we've already invested enough in our receivers. We need time for them to grow...And at the other standpoint, you could argue that our current receivers have a limited ceiling.



Sure, they have talent and are highly capable of playing in the NFL. I can see a guy like Peyton Manning or Aaron Rodgers turn Austin Pettis into a fantasy stud. But we don't have Peyton Manning or Rodgers. At our best, we have Bradford. We are at our best with a power running game and a semi-conservative passing game. But if we need to pass, we need the guy who can make the right decisions and place it where it needs to be (Sam Bradford) remember all of Clemens' deep throws to Tavon? SMH In my opinion, Bradford's best receiver he's ever had was not Brandon Lloyd nor Danny Amendola. It was Mark Clayton in his rookie year. People forget about Mark Clayton for the brief time he was with the Rams. He got separation as well as made spectacular catches. I can't remember a crucial drop he had (ahem, Givens, Cook) Maybe I'm still upset about today's game, but none of our receivers are elite. They will always be too "raw" or "young". Kendricks has always been undervalued. Him and Cook are a great combination of tight ends. I wish Lance would be more involved in the pass game. Tavon, at best will have a good 5-6 years before he loses a step. I remember hoping the Rams to draft Josh Gordon out of the supplemental draft last 2 years ago. we missed that opportunity, but with 2 first rounders, Josh Gordon can be acquired. He's only 22 years old and in an organization set to rebuild around the draft. I feel that the Rams have the most to offer. Maybe throw in a couple of players, (Quick, Pead, Richardson, Saffold?)

As for the 2014 draft, we can expect two first round picks ranging from #4 - #14 overall for both picks. Both are of high value and are two highly touted assets that we can trade. No CB is worth taking a look at in the first round. I don't believe a safety is worth a Top 15 pick, or necessarily a need. If they do keep their picks, they should draft Taylor Lewan or Jake Matthews for the line. If they have a Top 5 pick, they should pick Barr from UCLA. If the pick selection is in between picks 10-18, it should be traded, hopefully for Josh Gordon and players. Quality corners can be found in rounds 2-4, as i believe CB is our biggest need. I like the idea of moving Finnegan to FS (if he stays with the team and doesnt get cut). I like the play of McLeod. TJ can sometimes piss me off but he's a heavy hitter.

Rams who I believe will not return next season:

Cortland Finnegan
Kendall Langford
Darian Stewart
Rodger Saffold
Scott Wells
Will Witherspoon
Quinton Pointer
Matt Daniels
Austin Pettis

This may be a bit organized but I'm just typing and venting instead of studying for Finals week in 2 weeks. I just wanna heat everybody's thoughts about my opinions. Again, this is my first post. N00B, and have been a huge Rams bandwagon fan in 1999 (I was in the 3rd grade). Now at 22 years old, still diehard Rams fan. Shocked they let Clemens wear #10 (the great Bulger's number should be retired, right?) Kidding.

I was a backup qb in high school, i think I know what I'm talking about.

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