Updating my previous Rams' 2014 NFL Draft

My picks are meant to be in accordance with the most recent update of walterfootball's mock draft. I try to make picks based on where he believes the players will be selected and I used the selections he projected the Ram's would have in the draft.

picks- 5,16,47,80,112

[trade- 5 for Raiders' 9,41: Raiders don't like their current QBs, falling for either Mariotta or Hundley]

updated picks- 9,16,41,47,80…

With the 9th pick the Rams select… CJ Mosley LB, Alabama


Mosley is going to become the next superstar linebacker in the NFL upon his arrival. He can make every play expected of a LB and he possesses elite athleticism to pair with his incredible instincts.

[trade- 16 for Vikings' 2014 36, 2015 1st round: Vikings add another first round receiver (Marquise Lee?) to assist their new QB, in an effort to make a championship push while AP is still in his prime]

updated picks- 9,36,41,47,80…

With the 36th pick the Rams select… Austin Sefarian-Jenkins TE, Washington


Austin Sefarian-Jenkins has been surpassed now by two TEs in many NFL mock drafts. If this were to happen in the real NFL draft and he fell to the Rams it would be a tremendous steal. In watching ASF play, he clearly possesses all the traits required to become an elite TE in the mold of Gronkowski whereas I don't see nearly the same level of potential in the others, especially Ebron.

[trade- 41,80 for 49ers 57,62,122: No specific reason for 49ers, simply trying to acquire two late second round picks with which to acquire specific players]

updated picks- 9,36,47,57,62,112,122…

With the 47th pick the Rams select… Lamarcus Joyner, FS, FSU


Joyner's size is certainly a concern, though if he weren't 5'8" there is no way he would slide to the mid-second round. Joyner has been an elite player with both incredible athleticism and great instincts. He could fit in at FS, playing in a similar style to the Honey Badger in Arizona.

With the 57th pick the Rams select… David Yankey, OG, Stanford


An All-American guard from Stanford, Yankey is an elite O-lineman that is projected to fall to the end of the second round. This is the type of pick that I feel the Snisher regime is likely to make. They haven't given any indication that they would take an O-lineman in the first, though it was reported that they wanted Warford badly in the second day. Re-signing Saffold to play RG, sliding B.Jones into center, and putting Yankey at LG would solidify the Ram's O-line for years to come.

With the 62nd pick the Rams select… Bradley Roby, CB, Ohio State


I stand by my assertion that Bradley Roby is a Janoris Jenkins clone. They are similar in size, athleticism, tendencies to take risk, physicality, playing for Urban Meyer, hair style... the list goes on. I think both Jenkins and Roby possess an ability to take over a game with their pass coverage, while also having the fearlessness to make plays in the running game.

With the 112th pick the Rams select… Spencer Long, OG, Nebraska


Spencer Long is a new name to me, but everything that I have found in regard to him has been quite positive. He appears to be an all american level guard with a good head on his shoulders and a strong worth ethic, who suffered a season ending injury. If the Rams could select Long with a late pick (likely later than 112) and let him recover and acclimate to the NFL in 2014, in the same way that B. Jones seems to be doing this year, I believe the Rams would have a steal on their hands.

With the 122nd pick the Rams select... Shane Carden QB, ECU



Carden has led Eastern Carolina to a fantastic year, and could provide the Rams with a promising backup QB that possesses a good deal of upside. If Bradford were to be unable to play in the season opener for the Rams in 2014, Clemens would still obviously be the preferred choice for the start, but Carden has the ability to succeed in the NFL and he could be had for a later pick if he were to declare early for the draft.

In conclusion, the Rams improve on every level besides their defensive line, which happens to be their strongest unit, and RB/WR (both loaded with young burgeoning talent. Langford could be replaced, though I do not love any of the DTs in this draft so much that I would use a first or early second on them. Anthony Johnson is enticing though his athleticism and size do not match up with his college production. With the addition of a 2015 1st rounder in this mock, both RT and/or DT could be addressed early in the 2015 draft. Performing so many trades in a draft is not likely and it is not known when these players will be selected in the real draft, giving me an unfair advantage. I also realize that Carden and S. Long were likely taken earlier in this mock than they will be in the real draft (if at all), but I desired these players and did not wish to make any extra picks to get to them.

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