Ranking the Rams Needs

I'm having a hard time determining in my mind how we should rank the Rams needs in the offseason for FA & the draft. I would like to hear from the faithful here at TST how you would rank the Rams' needs in the offseason.

Let me begin by first trying to list those positions on the team that are in my opinion not positions of great need. DE is our biggest strength. Hekker & Big Z rule. RBs are solid & not a high need position. TEs is a position of depth. WRs are decent, evolving & not a high need. QB is not a high need position.

Now let's address those positions that I consider to be positions of high need. I am going to list the needs, but NOT in order/rank of need.

First, I believe a run stuffing DT is a high need. Our run D has been horrid/abysmal and has leaked like a sieve at times this year. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Is it scheme/philosophy or personnel? I'm not sure, but I tend to think personnel. I'm pointing the finger at you Langford.

Second, I'm listing an obvious one Safety. We need another Safety to pair with TJ. The backend of our D needs to be fixed. Maybe no more needs to be said. That gives me a segue into our next position of need CB.

Third position of need is another obvious choice CB. Finny has dropped off the planet. Love the guy, but he has played terribly. It wasn't until recently that we learned that he has a broken orbital socket and blurred vision. I'm sure we all wish him well and a speedy recovery, but we have to concern ourselves with improving our team. JJ is JJ. He is an all in player who loves to play risky, edgy and gamble. That's great when he gets a pick six, but really sucks when a receiver blows by him for a TD. Tru and McGee show a lot of potential, but a true #1 shutdown corner would improve our team immensely.

Fourth, on my list is LB. JoLonn is good, but without the juice he is not as good. Ogletree has done well, but we struggle against the run. How much blame for our poor run D should be attributed to LBs? Not sure. Perhaps it is a combination of factors. I tend to think that LB is near the bottom of our list of needs.

Finally,I'm listing the OL. Even though our OL has played very well lately, I still believe it is a position of high need. Barksdale has played very well at RT, but we could certainly upgrade at RT. Saffold has look VERY good at RG, but he may not be here next year. Williams has played decent at LG, but we could use an upgrade there as well. Dahl may not be here next year. So on the O side of the ball, it's OL, OL & OL in that order. :)

Now to the real question posed by this Fanpost. How would you rank our positions of greatest need going into the offseason? Rank them in your comment and support your conclusion with lucid and intelligent commentary. Thank you as always my TST brethren for your loyal support of our team and faithful attendance here at TST. GO RAMS!

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