Random Ramsdom, 11/20: The Long Bowl

Pat Lovell-USA TODAY Sports

The Rams will welcome the Chicago Bears to town this week in a match-up that pits back-up QB against back-up QB. Who's second best will reign supreme?

Should we just start calling this game the Long Bowl and get it over with?

Rarely do these little side stories attract much of my attention, but in this case I have to admit I am intrigued to see how this plays out. I am imagine that Chris and Kyle will be forced to go one on one at least a couple times in the run game, and I expect the broadcast crew will highlight it. It should be very interesting to watch.

Sam Bradford has his surgery. The Rams have treated Sam through this entire ordeal like they plan to extend him in the off-season and move forward with him as the franchise signal caller.

Brady Quinn hurt his back lifting weights. Fortunately for the Rams, he's not trying to carry the team.

Brian Quick feels like he is getting better

I'm sure most fans will agree that it's a good thing that Brian Quick is feeling more comfortable with his progression. However, his output on the field continues to be a dramatic disappointment. It's hard to put a lot of stock in any Quick revival talk when we are still just weeks removed from Seattle game in which he ran what appeared to be the wrong route on the last play of the game.

Robert Quinn is a bad man, and here's proof.

Kellen Clemens is settling in as the Rams starter

Kellen Clemens is doing a very admirable job in relief of Bradford; however in his first two starts his turnovers hurt the Rams badly. The difference in the Colts game was that he didn't get in his own way, and the players around him did him worlds of favors. Let's hope the latter continues as the Rams take on the Bears this week.

Cutler ruled out against Rams

While some may say that Josh McCown is equally as dangerous as Cutler, but the truth is McCown's been a career backup for a reason. There's no reason to sleep on McCown. The Bears are very capable of winning games with him - ask Baltimore - but the truth is Cutler sitting out of the game should give Rams fans a sigh of relief.

Rams lose ground in Power Rankings

I can hear fans now, "only the Rams could drop in the power rankings after taking the week off". You'd be right. The Rams dropped to the #21 spot after several strong performances this week from other teams.

Ex-Rams struggle elswhere

As a fan it's always a weird thing to see former member of your favorite team go somewhere else and excel or struggle. You can be conflicted about how to feel. If they do poorly you chalk it up to a good move by your team, and if they do well you curse your team for letting them go, but it's tough to strongly cheer against players you use to cheer so strongly for (except Craig Dahl, of course).

Here's a little bye-week Janoris Jenkins to get your Wednesday off to the right start!

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