FA, Draft, & Emergers

I know I wrote an articles a few weeks ago regarding the Rams potential draft targets come April. I saw that there was some dissension with some picks, but there were agreements around the board that O-Line, WR talent, DT, LB, CB, and S are all highly recommended improvements in order for this team to move forward next year to contend.

With that being said, this is what the Rams should do in FA:

- Since we are tight with cap, I don't see the Rams making any huge splashes or high profile signings like Cortland Finnegan, Jake Long, & Jared Cook. I do see the Rams enhancing the depth of positions. They may not necessarily be starters, but they will add much needed depth. I see the Rams addressing the LB Depth in free agency. It'll remain to be seen if Dunbar gets another shot at things or if the Rams will let him walk. But I would like to see a quality 4th LB in the mix, because I assume that before long Ray Ray Armstrong will make an impact and be a part of the fold with 'Nitis and 'Tree. Witherspoon is all but done and the rest of the guys are tough to rely on. I also see the Rams addressing the Secondary in FA. People are panicking about the secondary, but I like it for the most part. Jenkins & T. Johnson will be studs with Finnegan and McGee playing the 3rd and 4th roles. TJ McDonald will be back. McLeod Jr is a viable 3rd safety. But the question mark is the other safety spot if Stewart or McLeod don't impress enough over the last 6 weeks. People may say HaHa Clinton-Dix is the "fix" for the draft, however Fisher doesnt normally draft safeties (exception for Griffin). The secondary pool of talent in FA is reliable and I'd be willing to trust it.

As for the Draft:

- I stick by my two first round picks. Jake Matthews (OT - Texas A&M) with the top 5 selection we will have because of the gracious Redskins. Sammy Watkins (WR - Clemson) should be the other first round pick. The playmaker ability on the outside is more realistic with Watkins since he is 6'1 / 205 compared to Tavon Austin's 5'8" frame. This is the last offensive weapon for Bradford to be the quarterback he can be. In round 2, I like the idea of addressing the DT issue since Langford is getting up in age and has been a liability at times. With that said, Anthony Johnson (DT - LSU) will be paired alongside his former Tiger with Brockers. And lastly, I still like the idea of a blanket in case of another possible disaster occuring in St Louis. AJ McCarron (QB - Alabama) in Round 3. I think Guard, Secondary Help, LB, and D-Line) will be used in Rounds 4-7.


- I want to see Ray Ray Armstrong take over the responsibilities at LB next year.

- Can't rule out B. McGee, C. Davis, and R. McLeod in the secondary just yet.


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