Sam Bradford: Half Empty or Half Full

Sam Greenwood


I wonder what's on his mind???

Lately there seems to be a growing doubt in Sam Bradford. It's not that I don't understand the issue at hand, I just don't see how anyone can not see the other side of the spectrum. I guess that is why I am here. To do my very best to shed light on both sides.

Lately there has been a lot of talk about getting rid of Bradford. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, the thing that bothers me is a lot of these post and comments has somewhere in there, "I have faith in Bradford, but..." or "I like Bradford, but...". To say "but" is the same as canceling out the previous statement. It's the way people are taught to write letters of rejection.

If you have ever taken a business class on writing, one of things that is taught is how to write a letter basically saying no in the nicest way possible. It's always lead and/or end with a compliment/flattery/peace like words or statement. That is what is taking place here. So let's not do that anymore. If you don't like him, don't have faith in him, or simply just a "Bradford hater", that is perfectly ok. Like I said we are all entitled to our opinions, but let's leave the nice guy stuff out of it. You can't say I like Sam, have faith in him, or support him, then follow it with "but" I don't believe he can win a ring, or he is not the future. It's just a contradiction. With that being said I will begin.


This season is not the one for this nonsense. The guy was playing far too good to deserve this. When Sam went down he was top six in yds, TD's, completions, and rating. With only Peyton Manning having more TD's than him. Peyton "Frickin" Manning. In fact to put that more in perspective for you all, three weeks later with no Bradford, and he is still number 11 in passing TD's. He was that far ahead of numbers 3-10 that it took three weeks for them to pass him. And I went ahead and took the time to personally do the math. In the seven games Sam played in this season, he saw 21 passes dropped. of those 21, five were TD's.

This is where things get interesting. Bradford's season ends with a 60.7% completion rate and 14 TD's. If all five drops that would have been TD's were caught his season ends with 19 TD's and three weeks of no playing he is still in the top five. Also if just half of the drops (we will say eleven since the total number of drops is odd) were caught, he finishes with 64.8% for a completion rate. For passers attempting at least 200 passes, Bradford would be the 6th best in the NFL in completion right now.

Now, of course you don't have to be a genius to know that drops are out of his control. It's like John Madden used to say, "if the ball touches the receiver's hands, it should be caught". And that's what qualifies it as a drop. So none of that bad throw crap, because all five TD drops were on the money.

Now let's take these numbers and what could have happened with just half the amount of drops and average them out over the course of sixteen games.

4123 yds, 43 TDs, 65% completion, 8 int, 99.2 rating (est)

And those interceptions are not from horrendous passes, like an Eli Manning or something, all four which over the course of 16 games, averaged out to be 8, were tipped, one tipped off the intended targets chest (Daryl Richardson).

To make it clear to everyone when Bradford got hurt he was technically having a better season than Phillip Rivers, Andrew Luck, Matthew Stafford, Tony Romo, Jay Cutler, basically all the QB's that were presumed to be better than Bradford that was not apart of the top four QBs on virtually every living creatures list. More interesting than that, is of those four QBs he was also doing better than both Aaron Rogers and Tom Brady. Now that's a kicker in the tushie!!!!

So yea, I think that it is more than fair to say that Bradford has indeed proven he was worth the pick at number one overall, as well as being worthy enough to be the guy that leads the St. Louis Rams back to prominence. If anything we don't deserve him. We -and I say we including myself even though I have never spoken ill of Sam, because I am a fan like everyone else and WE as fans are supposed to be ONE- have been the worst kind of fan base when it comes to OUR QB, asking for his head when we have yet to give him his body (team).

On the other hand, I get it. I honestly do. Sam has been hurt twice in his four seasons resulting in him only playing in 49 of a possible 64 games. So that hurts his stock a wee bit. But WE cannot continue to view the TEAM record as the final judgement of his play. Not fair at all. As for the injuries I recall Matthew Stafford having the same issues in his first couple of years but has flourished since (although I don't think he is that great, but that's for another day). As for bringing up his contract, well you got the wrong guy. You should be calling out his agent for doing a phenomenal job with getting the richest rookie contract ever for his client. Truth is the players really do not have anything to do with negotiations. They do not take part in them at all. The agent just calls and says ok, time to sign. I don't believe in writing a guy off so soon when he has not been terrible. I believe in giving a guy a fair shake and if he is terrible, that's when you go a different direction.

Now this is also for another day, but believe me when I say it is coming. NO Teddy Bridgewater is not the answer. NO Johnny Manziel is not the answer. I do NOT believe either of these players will "flourish" in the NFL. Bridgewater has proven nothing to me because he has yet to play a legit defense.

09/01/13 vs. OHIO TV
09/14/13 at Kentucky TV
09/21/13 vs. FIU TV
10/05/13 at Temple # TV
10/10/13 vs. RUTGERS # TV
10/18/13 vs. UCF # TV
10/26/13 at USF # TV
11/08/13 at Connecticut # TV
11/16/13 vs. HOUSTON # TV
11/23/13 vs. MEMPHIS # TV
12/05/13 at Cincinnati # TV

I mean honestly, this is one of the least impressive schedules of the top 25 teams. I think he has some nice tools and can be a good QB, but the next Aaron Rogers? Come on guys. He simply does not have that IT factor. AS for Manziel, he has IT, but just plays back yard football. While it can be exciting to watch, it's very Tim Tebow-esque. He is a more accurate passer than Tebow, but come on, is that really saying a lot? His mechanics are just as shot, and he is not going to shake defenders and break tackles at this level as often, because he is not as quick or fast as a RGIII or young Vick, and he is not as strong as Cam Newton, Andrew Luck, or even Tebow. I would take AJ McCarron over both guys. And the best QB in the country is not yet elgible (Jameis WInston).

Let's be happy with what we have, because as he has indeed proven this season, what we have is a true franchise QB. He has what we need. There is no denying that. What happened to him was truly unfortunate this year. He was on his way to having a top five or six season to ever be had by a Rams QB. But if his showing up to work everyday the last three and half years, even the ensuing days after his tear, if this has shown us anything it is his resiliency and LEADERSHIP. A lot of guys would have packed it in after year two. But he kept pushing and kept getting better even if the team and front office around him was not. And this year it really started to pay off. His heart and leadship should never be questioned again. I have never seen a QB on the sideline one week after a torn ACL helping coach and motivate his teammates. Remeber when Brady tore his? We didn't see him for months! Show this man some well deserved respect, he has at least EARNED that much from us!

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