Damn It Feels Good To Be A Gangsta!

Now, it may come as no surprise that ramdude is NOT really a gangsta. Nor is he a gangster, cause he don't say stuff like "why I oughta...", "Let's get some dames and get outta here" and "Come and get me coppahs!".

However, after listening to the Geto Boys' song a couple of times, I'm starting to piece together what the gangsta (thug, if you will) life is like. The version of the song below was difficult to come by. I could only find versions with Richie Incognito language - if you catch my drift - at first.

So after some intense study, I figure that gangstas go out (after work) with their "boyz" and punish the office mopier that's been pissing them off for a while. I mean they really give it the business - like so:

On the way home, maybe they smack up they bitches and who'es. By that, I mean give them all a kiss on the cheek cause they work hard for the money. Finally, they pick up some O'Douls 40s (don't want to drive under the influence), order a couple of pizzas (gluten-free if anybody has allergies) and reminiscence about the day's activities.

Man, that's got to be satisfying! And that's exactly how I feel after the Colts game.

The Colts were that dad-gum mopier. And it was a good mopier too, just like the Colts are a very good football team. They just happened to catch us a little under-manned and at a BAD, BAD time.

I am proud that we finally used our weapons to the point that Indie didn't know whether to shoot or go blind. It's not their fault. We had never showed we could be so versatile before for an entire game.

The defense was unbelievable. Every time the Colts got close to the end zone (except once), the D said "Not on my watch!" - as a TEAM. Tavon had the game of his life. Clemens did more than just manage the game. He helped win it. And every facet of the team played up to or beyond the ability they had shown us, even if we always thought more was buried in there somewhere.

So, Damn It Feels Good To Be A Ramsfan! I know we can build on this. And this is certainly a good season to do it with as many teams that are far from full strength due to injuries. It may be too late for the playoffs, but it's not too late to develop some good habits and momentum for next season.

Damn It Feels Good To Be A Ramsfan!

And shoutout to Ramfan 1313. Dubs, you get a week off, and then it's back to prognosticatin and such. We need ya, buddy!

Have a goodun everbody!

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