St. Louis Rams Vs. Indianapolis Colts: Players To Watch

Michael Thomas

The St. Louis Rams hope to pull an upset this week, and these Rams will have to have a good game to pull it off.

Another week, another chance for the St. Louis Rams to pull an upset against their opponent. The Rams will be playing the Colts, and just like the last two weeks, this game figures to be a close game.

If this game is going to be any different than the ones before it, these Rams will have to have a big game.

Kellen Clemens: The NFL is a hard place for backup quarterbacks. There's a reason that they are backups, and that's because they lack the ability to be a starter, for whatever reason that is. We have seen reasons why Clemens has been a backup: he just makes too many mistakes and doesn't make the plays that he should. For the Rams to be able to compete, and maybe steal a game or two, Clemens doesn't have to be perfect; but he just can't make mistakes at the wrong time.

Michael Brockers: For the most part Brockers has been invisible. Of course he's had his share of impactful plays his high water mark being the Houston game this season - but after the hype that he was getting about being un-blockable, he's looked very blockable indeed. Not as dominate as people were hoping, but he still has the potential to be a special player. After fellow defensive tackle Kendall Langford had a 2 sack performance, Brockers will be looking to do the same against an offensive line that's not great.

Cortland Finnegan: Did you watch the game last week against the Tennessee Titans? Finnegan finally made a play for the Rams this season, jumping a route and picking Jack Locker off. He got beat a couple of times, but nothing compared to before this game. He's on a two game solid streak, so it will be interesting to see if he can have a solid game against the Colts.

Zac Stacy: The lone star of the Rams offense. The rookie running back is having a productive season and could end up being the franchise back that the Rams envision they had in Isaiah Pead when they drafted him in the second round last year. He has proven to be a solid option on check-downs, and can do everything the Rams need out of a running back. If the Rams have any chance of winning a game with Clemens at QB, it's with Stacy taking the load.

Brian Quick/Stedman Bailey: These two receivers need to prove that they are the future for the Rams going forward. Stedman Bailey and Brian Quick both had key catches last week. Both players figure to fight for playing time, and unlike starter Austin Pettis, they figure to have more upside down the road.

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