Random Ramsdom: 10/30/2013

Michael Thomas

How do the Rams bounce back after a devastating loss? Is Clemens "the guy" for the rest of the year? All that and much more in today's edition of Random Ramsdom.

Breaking down "the worst play ever"

The Rams came up only a yard short of the upset Monday night. It was a true heart-breaker for the team, coaches, and fans. Naturally, the last play of the game has received a strong amount of criticism. The call of the game cannot be defended. You have to really wonder what Schottenhiemer and Fisher imagined that play would look like. It doesn't really matter because the result was; Kellen Clemens tossing a duck 10 feet over a jogging Brian Quick's head out of a no-back formation. It literally was about as bad of a play call as it gets. However, this staff cannot be credited enough for how the rest of the game was called. Schottenhiemer was spot-on. The Rams abysmal offense was able to keep possession of the football for 65% of the game because of this balanced play-calling. Unfortunately for "Schotty", the last play was so poor that the rest tend to slip to the back of most of our minds.

The Rams dominated the Seahawks and lost

Check out the box score of Monday nights game. The Rams dominated offensive production, yards allowed, time of possession, and most other noteworthy categories. This goes to show the importance of turnovers, and just how bad this Rams offense has become without Bradford at the helm.

Rams mid-season report cards (Bleacher Report)

What do you think? How did these boys do?

St. Louis Cardinals are destroying St. Louis Rams ticket market

This should come as no shock. Unfortunately, the teams could not be in greater contrast to each other. The Cardinals have become the gold standard across sport franchises for consistency and a winning tradition. The Rams have become the picture perfect example of how to tank a franchise.

Tyson Langford and I had an exchange on Twitter yesterday discussing this exact subject. The topic itself is worthy of it's own article, but I'll share it with you and you can begin to form your own opinions....

Peter King finds a Seahawk who says Rams "kicked their ass"

It's true. Too bad the Rams sit with a 3-5 record regardless of the effort.

Harvey Dahl could be out several weeks

MCL sprains/tears are painful and can be tricky when returning to activity. Depending on the severity, Dahl could be out weeks or months. Saffold had an MCL sprain earlier this year and missed 3-4 weeks, but the time missed will be squarely determined by how badly the partial tear is in the MCL.

Rams move up in power rankings after loss

The Rams showed up valiantly on Monday, and it's good to see them receive credit for their effort. However, fans are pretty tired of moral victories and being ranked in the bottom 25% of the league, so no one should feel very good about this week regardless.

Zac Stacy injury still not defined

It was reported yesterday by several sources that Zac Stacy did not have a high-ankle sprain, but rather some sort of garden variety ankle sprain. However, Jeff Fisher was not as a descriptive in hisTueday press conference. The players, coaches, and fans will hold their breadth until Zac Stacy is in the lineup Sunday against the Titans.

Stay classy Rams fans.

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