31's Picks Week 5

Alright, I'm going to be honest, I don't have much time to do my much loved, perfect, and flawless (at least I think) introductions in which I state how great another week of Football is because, well, we know football is great, don't we? So, lets get straight to it.



This week was above average for me, at least I finished above .500 in both my spread and straight up. This week, different from weeks before, my gambles, at least some of them, came to fruition. Meanwhile, the picks that I thought were locks, kinda screwed me over, unfortunately. Here's my results.

Weeks Results Straight Up Spread
Week 4 8-7 8-7
Overall 40-23 32-31

Overall, I think I'm doing fairly decent in both categories, although I'm slipping from what I was at at the beginning of the season. I'll take it though and hope for better weeks. As you can see, I finished barely above the .500 mark, placing an 8-7 mark in both my spread and straight up. Honestly, I wanna finish the season with picking better than 2/3rd of the games right, which I'm barely below that mark as of right now. Lets see if this week can cast me above my expectations for my straight up. As far as the spread goes, I just hope I break .500, haha..

Away Home Winner Spread Winner vs. Spread
Cleveland Browns Buffalo Bills Buffalo Bills CLE -4.5 Baffalo Bills
Baltimore Ravens Miami Dolphins Baltimore Ravens MIA -3.5 Baltimore Ravens
New England Patriots Cincinnati Bengals New England Patriots CIN -1.5 New England Patriots
Seattle Seahawks Indianapolis Colts Indianapolis Colts IND +2.5 Indianapolis Colts
Kansas City Chiefs Tennessee Titans Kansas City Chiefs TENN +2.5 Kansas City Chiefs
Carolina Panthers Arizona Cardinals Arizona Cardinals ARI +2.5 Arizona Cardinals
Houston Texans San Francisco 49ers San Francisco 49ers SF -7.5 Houston Texans
New Orleans Saints Chicago Bears Chicago Bears CHI -1.5 Chicago Bears
Detroit Lions Green Bay Packers Green Bay Packers GB -7.5 Detroits Lions
Jacksonville Jaguars St. Louis Rams St. Louis Rams STL -11.5 Jacksonville Jaguars
Philadelphia Eagles New York Giants New York Giants NYG -2.5 New York Giants
Denver Broncos Dallas Cowboys Denver Broncos DAL +7.5 Dallas Cowboys
San Diego Chargers Oakland Raiders Oakland Raiders OAK +4.5 Oakland Raiders
New York Jets Atlanta Falcons Atlanta Falcons ATL -9.5 Atlanta Falcons

Rams vs Jacksonville Jaguars

Bottom line, the Rams should win this game and it should be in double digits, but you know the Rams. I don't trust them as an 11.5 favorite in this game anyhow, but I do expect them to win. I know I accused this fanbase of overreacting, but if we lose this game, I will lose it. I look for Sam to have a big game as well as this defense to come out firing. Chris Givens goes over 100 yards.

Upset of the Week

Indianapolis Colts over Seattle Seahawks

I picked against the Seahawks last week and it came back to bite me, but I wasn't off by a lot with the Houston Texans choking away their sizable lead in the latter part of that game. This game is in Indianapolis and I feel that the Colts have a good chance of leave the stadium with a win under their belts. I have way more faith in Andrew Luck then whatever the Houston Texans QB's name is.

I know I didn't pick it in my picks, but I believe the Broncos game could be a close one and the Cowboys could even get the W. Personally, I have never been too impressed my Peyton, due to the fact that he chokes in the Playoffs on the regular and I'm just waiting for him to choke under pressure, but the same could be said for Romo. This game could go either way and I by no means see the Broncos as being invincible.

Duh pick of the Week

Atlanta Falcons over the New York Jets

If the Falcons lose this game, they might want to pressure the panic button.

Iffy pick of the Week

New England Patriots over Cincinnati Bengals

I've been waiting, for the first couple of weeks, for the Patriots to lose, but that hasn't happened yet and I'm quite tired of picking against Brady. I also feel that what he's been able to accomplish with the Patriots is better than what Peyton has done, but that's a different conversations. The reason why I have this as iffy is because their in the Bengals home and they are a dangerous team. The only reason why I pick the Patriots, is because of Brady..

Rams Results Straight Up Spread
Overall 2-2 1-3
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