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Normally I am the kind of fan that tries to stick next to my team. I try my best to see the glass half full. Tonight though, that has changed.

For anyone that may have watched the game tonight, you must ask yourself, why bother trying to be a fan of complete idiocy? Why even expend the energy to root for a team that seemingly attempts to do nothing but lose well?

Tonight we watched some great defensive plays, a really effective run game, some horrible passes and a game that should have been a W for the Rams.

Instead, we get to the 3 yard line and decide that all of a sudden, Kellen Clemens, that gave up 2 interceptions in the game and had been inconsistent for 52 minutes can save the day and actually throw an accurate pass.

If you believe that, I got a nice new bridge in downtown St. Louis I'd love to sell you for 35 cents!

Honestly, I can't complain about Kellen Clemens cause all he did tonight was be who he is. He exceeded my expectations slightly.

There are so many words that I would like to use for the final play call that destroyed our chance of winning tonight, but I will not defame the TurfShow like that.

We had every chance in the world to win tonight! I mean there were plays where we should have actually been shut down and get a call on the Seahawks defense that keeps the drive alive for us. We still lose!

What I will say is this...if we do not move on from Brian Schottenheimer, we will never sniff a 10 win season, Wildcard spot, playoff berth or any other kind of successful season. How can you call a decent game all evening, then put on the dunce cap 4 seconds away from a sure fire win? I despise the fact that our offense is in Schotty's hands with this kind of inept play calling that has gone on for too long now.

Also, if we do not get away from Ray Sherman, the wide receivers coach, our guys will never grow. We still have drops from players of significant talent from college days that are not translating at all. They cannot run a decent route to save their lives and lastly are just seeming incompetent on what it takes to play in this league.

Lastly, how do we move up 8 spots in the draft for a kid that can't get past the 30 on punt and kick returns in Tavon Austin? You have guys like Travis Benjamin running up and down the field like a maniac and then you have us with one of the fastest players in the league?

Just plain out pathetic...

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