31's Picks Week 8

Well, this was a depressing week for the Rams and I don't think it'll get any better as the season goes on especially if it goes as bad as people think it will. As for me, did I have another great week or was it average. Did I recover from my weeks of failures in the spread or is it as dismal as in recent weeks, well, lets see.



In my week 7 picks, I once again nailed my upset of the week pick with the Colts topping the Denver Broncos. I was asked by some friends why exactly I picked the Colts and I quite simply asked, who have the Broncos beat that are worth talking about (maybe the Cowboys?), they couldn't answer me. Also, when it comes down to it, I don't trust Peyton Manning in big games, sorry. He might put up the big numbers, but history is a great teacher and he just doesn't seem to have the ability to show up when it matters in the big games, almost like Romo honestly. As for my other games, lets look at the results, shall we?

Results Straight Up Spread Rams Straight Up
Week 7 10-5 11-4 0-1
Overall 72-35 55-52 4-3

Holy shit, I did better in my spread then I did in my Straight Up this week, I guess I'll put the bottle up now. Due to my spread being outrageously good, I'm now above .500 on the season, how long that goes on for is what we have to look out for. I'm not going to lie, I'm completely shocked and happy. As for my straight up, I'm a tap bit disappointed that I didn't do better. I've set the expectations for myself fairly high when it comes to the straight up performance, I don't want to get above 4 wrong, I think that's a reasonable expectation considering how good I've done in the past, but all in all, I can take it. As long as I get them 2/3rds right, I can't complain too bad. As the season goes on, I hope to do better and better. But, in a week that I do so good in both departments, I'm going to say I did good and move one.

Away Home Winner Spread Winner Against the Spread
Carolina Panthers Tampa Bay Buccaneers Carolina Panthers TB +6 Carolina Panthers
Buffalo Bills New Orleans Saints New Orleans Saints NO -11.5 New Orleans Saints
Dallas Cowboys Detroit Lions Detroit Lions DET -3 Detroit Lions
Miami Dolphins New England Patriots New England Patriots NE -6.5 New England Patriots
New York Jets Cincinnati Bengals Cincinnati Bengals CIN -6.5 Cincinnati Bengals
Washington Redskins Denver Broncos Denver Broncos DEN -12.5 Denver Broncos
Green Bay Packers Minnesota Vikings Green Bay Packers MINN +9 Green Bay Packers
Cleveland Browns Kansas City Chiefs Kansas City Chiefs KC -7.5 Cleveland Browns
San Francisco 49ers Jacksonville Jaguars San Francisco 49ers JAGS +16.5 San Francisco 49ers
New York Giants Philadelphia Eagles New York Giants PHI -5.5 New York Giants
Pittsburgh Steelers Oakland Raiders Oakland Raiders OAK +2.5 Oakland Raiders
Atlanta Falcons Arizona Cardinals Atlanta Falcons ARI -2.5 Atlanta Falcons
Seattle Seahawks St. Louis Rams Seattle Seahawks STL +11 Seattle Seahawks

St. Louis Rams vs Seattle Seahawks

Lets be honest, this one shouldn't be close. I think the Rams will come out with pride and they'll battle hard, but the Seattle Seahawks are just a more talented team and they should win this one. Even if Sam didn't sustain his injury, this one would have been hard to say the Rams would win. Sure, with him they have a better chance at home, but without, I don't think they have one, but I hope I'm wrong as always.

Upset of the Week

I don't really have an upset, well, fuck it. I originally had the Pittsburgh Steelers winning over the Oakland Raiders, but no guts no glory. The Oakland Raiders are at home and the Steelers are not the team of years back. The Oakland Raiders upset (for however big that upset would be) the Pittsburgh Steelers this week at their home.

Duh Pick of the Week

San Francisco 49ers over Jacksonville Jaguars

Seattle Seahawks over St. Louis Rams

Yelp, these games shouldn't be close. Although I could see the Rams making it a contest with emotions high, but in the end, the Seahawks should win this game.

Iffy Pick of the Week

New York Giants over Philadelphia Eagles

The Giants just won their first game and I think they can pull one off in Philadelphia. This is iffy because the Giants suck right now, but the Eagles aren't too much better in my estimations.

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