Random Ramsdom: Collapse

Jared Wickerham

The Rams attempt to recover from a devastating loss ahead of prime-time showdown against a division rival.

Thanks to Nathan Kearns at Ramblin' Fan for so perfectly describing the current situation.

We are now in Day 3 of "Ramspocalypse", and I'd be lying if I told you things had gotten any better. At this point the team seems poised to rally around Kellen Clemens and play goo... they are just going to rally around Kellen Clemens.

Rams add Brady Quinn and bring back Austin Davis

Brady Quinn - while talented - has been given a lot of shots in the NFL. With those shots he has yet to produce anything that would give fans hope that he would be any better than Clemens at this point. Quinn was signed as a veteran back-up to Clemens. As for Davis, he knows the offense and has played admirably before. It will be interesting to see which of the two - Davis or Quinn - will play first if Clemens goes down or struggles mightily.

Let me remind you, don't get your hopes up

The idea that someone would have to tell you to taper expectations from the Rams new group of quarterbacks is almost laughable. It would be like me totaling my car in an accident then taking it to the repair shop only to hear the mechanic tell me, "well, don't expect me to have it fixed today". Nick Wagoner does a great job explaining why fans should be keeping expectations low.

What do the Rams do about Sam Bradford?

Our own Ryan Van Bibber passed along some very noteworthy tweets yesterday on the subject.

... and before you start writing those comments, consider this...

The Rams have a huge decision to make this off-season regarding the future of the quarterback position. One things for sure, this season has quickly become the reincarnation of 2011, and the Rams will have to do everything in their power to prevent this from happening a third time in 5 years.

Rams plummet in Power Rankings

The loss of Bradford obviously played a role in the fall. The Rams are now listed at #27. While there is fairness in this assessment, the Rams have yet to be as bad as they are expected to be. The least they could do is wait, right? Also, that line about Kellen Clemens having the worst QBR since 2006 isn't very encouraging either.

Harvin preparing to be released on Rams

Again, Ramspocalypse captures this sentiment very well. Harvin has proven to be an elite talent in the NFL. Rams fans will hope his snaps are limited and that it will take a little while for him to get his legs back under him. Otherwise, it could be a long night in St. Louis.

On a positive note, Zac Stacy has arrived at fantasy football relevance

Stacy has now scored a touchdown, proven he can catch out of the backfield, and shoulder most of the touches for  the duration of the game. He should be acquired in all leagues. Fans and fantasy coaches will all just have to keep their fingers crossed that when the Rams get behind that the run game is not completely abandoned.

The NFL's most disliked players

The top 5 may surprise you. At the very least it's a picture into what behavior people in this country find the most distasteful.

Stay Classy Rams fans, and keep your heads up.

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