Life is a....

I'm not an emotional person by any stretch of the imaginations, but there are a few things that I hold very close to my heart and they are my mother, basketball, and football. I'm also going to say that I damn near was in tears when Sam Bradford went down on Sunday. The final thing that I will admit is, I've tried to avoid this website since Sam went down with the knee injury in the game against the Panthers and I have successfully because I know what the talk for the rest of the season is going to be. The talk will of course be centered around what exactly Fisher and crew should do as the season goes on, ends and the off season starts because lets all be honest, as of right now we're placing our hopes in the hand of Kellen fucking Clemons and putting my hopes into him is like me putting my hopes into my family finally replacing the AC in our house when they're cheap as hell, it's not gonna happen. Anyways, I will not speak on the Sam Bradford issue or whether or not I think that he can be a great QB in this league, because I'll be just regurgitating the same shit I've said for years. BUT there is one question that we Rams fans have to ask about Sam whether you be an "apologist" or a "hater" and that question has been ringing in my head since Sam went down and the question is, has Sam done enough to prove that he is the future of the franchise and I can say with my full conviction that....... I don't know, and it's killing me.



An "apologist" will tell you that he's done far and beyond enough just this season to prove that he is the future of the franchise. They will tell you that he, as of now, is ranked in the top 5 in touchdowns while being better than more than half of the quarterbacks in the NFL when it comes to yards. They'll also tell you that he was having a career year this season before his injury. Meanwhile, "haters" will tell you that he has been fairly average to below average most of his career and his stats will prove it. His yards per attempt is below average, even this year, and he still has glaring weaknesses in his game and just hasn't looked like a franchise Quarterback since his rookie season. Of course the "apologist" will blame the organization which they do have a point, but at this point I'm annoyed and I'd tell you both to shut the hell up, because you're biased filled arguments have no basis, none of ours do. The fact of the matter is, uncertainty will eat this franchise up until we know how it all unravels and it will suck. We will fight back and forth about what's the right and wrong things to do, but it just... doesn't .... matter. So, with that being said, going forward, this coaching staff has a few choices that they have to consider and pick when draft time comes around and they are:

Sam Bradford is the guy and we're sticking with him

Sam Bradford may be the guy, but we should still draft another QB just in case

Sam Bradford isn't the guy and we need to get a stud in the draft

These are the options and I would hate to see a Rams team without Sam Bradford at the helm, but this could be reality in the near future. So, the questions still rings in my head and I hate it with every passing moment. Is Sam damaged goods? Does Sam deserve another shot next season? But much more importantly, has he done enough to prove his worth and the same answer will come from me every time.

"I just don't fucking know"

I wish Sam a speedy recovery.

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