who is gonna get the call?

The phones of the unemployed former NFL quarterbacks were ringing all day Sunday. Jordan Palmer already answered Chicago's. The Rams are more measured in their decisions, or that is what they want you to think. Palmer spent the summer with the Bears and was on speed dial, where as the Rams made no back up plans, and have no money in case anything went wrong. We have a week before we get embarrassed on national television at home. Seattle will be frothing at the mouth at the chance that they will get to come to our house and lay one on us. They will not take it easy on us because we are reeling and I would think less of them if they did. Kellen Clemens has proven nothing in the offseason except that if we ever had to put him in the game, we are going to be in trouble. Having Clemens being the back up is one of the things I never understood. We will be bringing in a group of quarterbacks to help fill out our roster and prolly start after our bye week. I would love watch the surveillance video of Les Sneads office when he calls Jeff Fisher in and explains to Jeff that he has to make two phone calls on Monday, "Jeff you are going to have to pick up the phone and reach out to Tim Tebow" or better yet" Jeff I understand how you feel, but you have no say in the matter, quit being such a baby, Jeffrey Micheal Fisher stop stomping your feet, sit up and dial the number, all you have to say is, hey Vince its Jeff, I am sure you heard what happened yesterday...." oh that would be classic and almost enough punishment for what Jeff Fisher has done to our Rams. I am not gonna Rant against anyone, its not even fun anymore, what I will do is allow us to see the options of who is out there and what can we do to upgrade the quarterback situation.

Dennis Dixon -was signed 2 weeks ago by Buffalo and is stashed on their practice squad

Troy Smith -is currently signed by the montreal alouettes

Pat White- just tried out for the raiders and bills

Graham Harrell -holding the clipboard for Aaron Rodgers a plus, was cut to make room for Brady Quinn a minus

Tim Jenkins? a blast from the past

Matt Leinart- Matt Leinart has to be as near enough to viagra for Jeff Fisher

Josh Portis -another CFL guy who may want a shot at the nil

Matt Scott? is he a practice squad player? I am sure the Jags will let him go for some mustache wax

John Skelton at this point I think Red Skelton has a better chance in the NFL

Tyler Thigpen-this is what this guy does, he is not good enough to be the man, but when a franchise loses all hope they call this guy to help them get to draft day

David Carr- does the former #1 pick have anything left besides PTSD

You may see a trend of mobile quarterbacks and there is a good reason for this. I feel that if we bring in a guy who has no idea of our offense, or our system being mobile shall allow him to make plays when all else fails. Tyler Thigpen is my favorite to get the job, he has played in enough offenses and his arm strength wont be an issue cuz our playbook doesnt require a qb to throw the ball downfield. My heart would love to see Dennis Dixon or Mike Scott.

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