Draft Time!!!

I will only mock the first two rounds of the Ram's 2014 draft, which makes me feel slightly less ridiculous for drafting so early. There are certainly many playmakers in this draft and the Redskins pick is looking likely to bring back a surprisingly high return (knock on wood). I have found in this draft that it is quite hard to project offensive skill players to the Rams being that they have so many young players that I am reluctant to give up on. For instance, drafting a WR would replace Pettis (which I'm fine with), but it would also indicate the end of the Quick project (which gives me pause). I would love to have drafted Sefarian-Jenkins but with the recent signing of Cook it is unlikely. With that said, lets get to "The Picks"

The Picks (as projected by walterfootball)

Round 1- 5,13

Round 2- 45


5th overall pick and 77th (3rd round) pick for Cleveland's 12th and 26th overall picks.

The Browns jump to the 5th pick, plenty early to draft one of Bridgewater, Mariota, Hundley, Manziel, Boyd, McCarron, or Murray. The Rams have no need for a QB so this draft looks even better with all the projected by QBs. This trade is an easy win for both teams.

Updated Picks-

Round 1- 12,13,26

Round 2- 45

I made an effort to select players I would expect to be available based on walterfootball's mock draft.

12- CJ Mosley- The next great linebacker. We already have a young star in Ogletree as well as the seasoned vet, Laurinaitis. Mosley could hold down the other OLB and possibly, eventually take over for Laurinaitis in the middle.

13-primary- Trade!! 13th pick and 5th round pick for 20th and 52nd pick. The packer move up to take either Watkins or Mike Evans to occupy the opposite side of Jordy Nelson. The Rams don't love anyone here so the are fine with multiplying top picks.

[13 alternate- Sammy Watkins- A playmaker with some size on the outside (6'1"). Watkins was an impact player immediately upon arriving on Clemson's campus. He has game-breaking speed and elusiveness and would certainly make an immediate impact on the Ram's. The reason this is my alternate selection is that it would, in all likelihood, limit Givens, Austin, or Quick to limited duty at the receiver position.]

20- Austin Sefarian-Jenkins- I couldn't stay away. He is the next Jimmy Graham plain and simple. He has had some troubles which would help him slide into the Rams lap. You can never have too many giant, athletic, prolific, blocking, pass catchers.

26- Bradley Roby- Roby was a superstar playmaker for OSU last year. He is incredibly athletic and has great instincts. He also plays a game that fits well with the Rams and is almost a Janoris Jenkins twin. Putting him on the other corner would make for an incredible collection of young corners.

45- Anthony Johnson- A dominant big man in HS that, as of yet, hasn't translated incredibly to LSU. Johnson was an elite prospect that was expected to be the next star lineman at LSU, though his game seems to lack polish. He is an incredible athlete and would make a great compliment to Brockers, another former LSU athlete who lacked polish entering the NFL.

52- Ryan Shazier- There is no way Shazier falls to this spot, but if he happened to fall to this spot, there should be no hesitation in the Rams selection. The Rams are fine in this spot and adding this type of playmaker would be incredible. This would signify the beginning of the end for JL55. This is somewhat depressing for me as Laurinaitis has been consistent and I expected such great things from him. The reason that I feel JL is expendable is the way that Ogletree has flashed all over the field in a way that Rams fans are not used to seeing. JL is consistent and reliable but a LB corps of Ogletree, Mosley, and Shazier would be electric and formidable. This pick is more of a want than a need, but the more I see Shazier the more I like him.

This concludes the first two rounds of the Rams 2014 mock draft. This is unlikely to occur, as all of these players are likely to go in the first round but it would be quite a haul if so. We would not have a 3rd or 5th round pick but I feel it would be worth it if we were able to add 5 bonafide playmakers (we could also bring back a pick for JL). I do not feel that Fisher will go O-line in the first round, again, as it seems clear that he prefers to attack the position later in the draft. Anyway, this is more of a summary of the players I like and the positions in which they could be taken.

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