Vindication... For Brian Schottenheimer?



Okay, okay... so this is more about vindication for me and other like-minded fans, I guess. Just figured I'd throw Schotty a bone in the header. Lol.

There's one huge misconception about Sunday's curb-stomping of the Houston Texans, that I can't seem to get over. Not EVERYBODY is falling prey to it, but it's enough people to make me wonder. One statement that I keep seeing over and over again, that's been leaving me practically scratching a bald spot into my head...

"Brian Schottenheimer finally called a good game!" Really? He did??

Well, if you're one of the many echoing that sentiment... go back and check the tape. People are acting like Schotty finally listened to the fans, opened the flood-gates and "let slip the Rams of war" on an unsuspecting Houston defense. When the truth of the matter is... it was the same play calling we've seen all year. Sam Bradford didn't chuck the ball down field all day. He threw the same dink-and-dunk, check downs and dump offs we've seen (and often complained about) all year. Tavon Austin wasn't playing in open space by design. He only participated in four snaps. Jared Cook didn't stretch the field to force the mismatch between safties and linebackers. He only had 2 receptions, for 45 yards.

The truth off the matter is, the offense clicked because, for the first time this year, the offense ran plays as they were drawn up. When we ran the ball... players blocked. When we Bradford dropped back to pass... players protected. When he threw the ball... players caught. It's football 101 stuff, people. And, until yesterday, the Rams haven't been participating. I've been screaming since week 1 (especially to all the Bradford haters) that the fundamental flaw in this team has been ONE THING... execution, execution, EXECUTION!

True... I'm not a huge fan of "conservative offense". Especially considering the weapons we've got at our disposal. I realize that a Schottenheimer type offense isn't going to win a boatload of games, or light up scoreboards week in and week out. But, there's absolutely no reason why a team can't have at least some measure of success running it, IF IT'S RUN PROPERLY, rather skating around the field like Keystone Kops.

Does this mean that based off of this performance, I'm all pumped up hyped for Carolina next Sunday? Well... no. Not anymore than usual, at least. "Why not?" you ask? Easy... Because I vividly remember Rams 34 - Cowboys 13, back in 2009... Rams 20 - Seahawks 3, in 2010... Rams 31 -Saints 21, in 2011... and Rams 24 - 49ers 24, just last year. All great efforts... all followed up by absolute stinkers.

I'm going the "cautiously optimistic" route, until I'm shown (much) more of what I saw yesterday. But, I'm really hoping upon hope that this means that our Rams are starting to turn the proverbial corner. That this marks the beginning of a trend, rather than simply fizzling out as just a fluke. In 6 days, we'll find out.

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