Random Ramsdom 10/14: St. Louis Rams improve to .500 in impressive fashion

Thomas Campbell-USA TODAY Sports

One week after topping a winless opponent, the St. Louis Rams defeated the much more highly regarded Houston Texans. With a winning streak heading into week seven, can the St. Louis Ram still meet high preseason expectations?

You were nervous, distraught, perhaps already inebriated as the Rams prepared to receive the opening kickoff in Houston.

The clock ticked slowly, as every minute made you grasp the edge of you couch tighter. You saw Jeff Fisher and Sam Bradford appearing confident, but you knew for sure that optimism would fade.

This was to be a game -- both on paper and in opinion of the media -- that St. Louis had no chance of winning. They're playing potential Super Bowl team! The Texans are primed for a rebound at the expense of a lowly, bottom-dwelling squad. Surely the Rams would fall...

Then you saw a spark. The St. Louis Rams, in every facet of the game, looked like a winning football team. Penalties were, mostly, eliminated, while enthusiasm and attitude flooded the team's sideline.

You were proud to be a Rams fan.

On the road, Bradford and the youngest team in football dismantled their opposition. Posting a near-perfect passer rating and trusting a reliable run game, the Rams' quarterback move the ball well against a threatening defense. St. Louis' own defense, while unexpectedly gashed by an elite rushing attack, fought hard and proved competent in the most crucial of circumstances.

And here's the proof...

Rams blow out Texans - While it didn't start well, St. Louis found a way to capitalize on Houston's mistakes. Forcing four turnovers -- two of which were returned for touchdowns -- and hassling the offense, the Rams intimidated the Texans, a notion which had previously been absurd.

St. Louis can be dominant - Save for a potential shootout in tonight's game, the Rams scored more points (38) than any other team in week six. That alone is reason for celebration. It's not particularly likely that the team reaches that total again this season, due in large part to a defensively strong schedule, but if their own defense and special team unit can continue their contributions, St. Louis can compete.

Forcing turnovers - Through the first few weeks of the season, Sam Bradford had made a habit of turning the ball over. That was not the case in Houston. Instead, the Rams' defense forced several changes of possession. Keep it up.

Forming an identity - Nick Wagoner assesses the Rams' formulation of a newly-found position this season. No one will fault this squad for a cocky attitude following a good win -- they haven't had one in a while -- so everyone should revel in it while they can.

Starting over - More from Wagoner and the Rams' resurgence. Put the old behind you, because Jeff Fisher won't allow his team to dwell in disappointment. Just win, baby.

Jeff Gordon's post-game report card - The Rams made the Dean's List! Squaring off against arguably one of their most talented opponents of the season, Jeff Fisher's squad showed much improvement compared to the prior five games. Though assisted by their opposition, the defensive secondary, special teams unit and coaching staff posted their best scores of 2013.

NFL.com Game Center - What the Rams lacked in statistics they more than made up for in highlight plays. Relive all five touchdowns and analyze the numbers here.

Tests to come for Schaub's leg - After suffering a lower-leg injury late in the game, Texans quarterback Matt Schaub was seen having his ankle taped on the sideline. He would not return. It's noteworthy that this was the second time in two weeks that a Rams' sack has forced the opposition's starting QB to leave the game.  We wish Matt Schaub a speedy and healthy recovery, and do not applaud his injury.

More from Houston - Neither team appreciated the poor treatment of which Schaub received during the course of the game. Most should agree with Houston defensive end J.J. Watt when he calls the hometown crowd's booing "unacceptable."

Cards' Campbell gets carted off - Arizona Cardinals defensive end Calais Campbell left yesterday's game against the San Francisco 49ers with an apparent arm injury. An integral part of the stout defense, he Campbell will be sorely missed should he spend any extended time away from the field. More from ESPN.

49ers top Cardinals at Candlestick - A tough divisional matchup, it was hard to root either way in this game for St. Louis fans. The surprising "Red Birds" gave the defending conference champions a tough fight for four quarters, but Jim Harbaugh and Colin Kaepernick came out on top in the end. As a result, the Rams are no longer in last place in the NFC West. Yay.

Seahawks find a way to win over Titans - The good news - Seattle appears to be beatable, and this is the game film to watch as the Rams prepare to host this juggernaut in week eight.

That's it for today. As always, GO RAMS!!!

By the way, I implore you to caption the above picture of linebackers James Laurinaitis and Brian Cushing.

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