Random Ramsdom: GSOT, Thursday Night Football, and Solo Casualità Pianura

Kevin C. Cox

Get the day going with links a-plenty. It's like a box of chocolates.


Pound the Rock Stacy!

Vanderbilt Football Game Changer: Zac Stacy (via vucommodores)

Faulk, Irving, and Warner Discuss

Starting off hot this lovely Friday we get a debate going comparing the 2013 Denver Broncos to the 1999 St. Louis Rams- the Greatest Show on Turf via NFL Network.

Thursday Night Football

The New York Giants went on the road to face the Chicago Bears. Jay Cutler -vs- Eli Manning. Click for the recap, stats and all from NFL.com.

Can the Rams take advantage of a Houston team facing QB issues? Coach Venturi on The Turn

101ESPN Delivers some talk concerning whether or not the Rams can take advantage of the injury woes and poor quarterback play of the Houston Texans.


Julio Jones is done for the season for the Falcons. Hate to see anyone go down, no matter what the team. Who could the Falcons plug in to Jone's spot? - The Falcoholic

Expanded Playoffs?

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell closed the fall owner's meetings telling the football benefactors that expanding the current playoff format is a strong possibility for the 2015 season. Can anyone say watered-down product? In all seriousness though, the NFL could take a tip or two from MLB. Their expansion has garnered more interest, excitement, and revenue.

What in the "H..E.. Double Hockey sticks" is this?

While I am all for using the latest materials and technology for uniforms, the NFL jumped the shark with these duds.

Rocky chased chickens, Travis Benjamin chased Rabbits

How do you develop speed and agility? Chase rabbits running from sugar cane fires, what else?

Two Wrongs Don't Make a Wright

What do you get when you mix an NFL safety and diamonds? A Major lawsuit. Fortunately for Chicago Bears safety Major Wright, Florida law seems to be on his side.

Madden 25 simulation of week six- FANSIDED

Slide seven is hard to stomach. Good thing reality isn't dictated by simulations.

Ravens and Rodgers- Baltimore Sun

Isn't it funny how Peyton Manning's name seems to pop up no matter which team folks are addressing? The Raven's secondary will be hard pressed to avoid being torched by Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers at home.

McGwire, Mark McGwire- MLB.com

The salty old man has touched both teams in a good way. The retired St. Louis Cardinal comes into Busch Stadium for a bitter-sweet reunion with his former team.

Stan Owns Land

Stan Kroenke doesn't always buy land, but when he does, it's ranch land. See #8.

Friday Double Jam:

The Crystal Method - "Name of the Game" [Official Video] (via The Crystal Method)

Bloodhound Gang - Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo (via BloodhoundGangVEVO)

Hope you have a great weekend Rams Nation. Let's hoot and holler for a Rams victory Sunday in Houston!

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