Reading Between the lines: Tavon Austin

Tavon Austin: Reading between the lines

There’s a pretty interesting article at the St. Louis Post Dispatch that you may have read. If not I’ll post the link at the end of this so you can read it yourself.

First interesting quote from the article:

"I definitely wasn’t frustrated," Austin said. "I just got up and left. My family was outside. I wasn’t frustrated at all. We got the win, so that’s all that matters."

According to Coach Fisher, he gave Tavon the game ball to lift his spirits:

"Yeah, I gave him a special-teams game ball for having 91 punt return yards in the game," Fisher said. "So, he’s happy."

So which is it? I think you’d be a fool if you thought someone playing a competitive sport would not be totally pissed off for having 91 yards of punt return yardage nullified. Maybe that’s why they put the kibosh on Tavon talking with the media.

Second interesting quote:

About Tavon’s 25 yard catch & run that set up the score just before the second quarter ended.

"It was a big catch and run in the hole on the far sideline," Coach Jeff Fisher said. "I thought he had one of his better games. He had the one drop on the little swing (pass) extension of our running game, but he made some plays."

So there it is, proof that all the dink & dunk is going on to supplement the run game. Sam is apparently following orders just like Tavon.

Last interesting quote:

When asked if he would like more deep routes, or be allowed to run the ball more.

"It’s all in the offense," Austin said. "If they want me to run deep routes, I’ll run deep routes. If they want me to run short routes, that’s what I’ll do, too. Whatever helps the team."


1. Y’all got it right for the most part. The loss of an effective running back has forced us into this position of taking sacks, which hurts the passing game. Without even the threat of a running game the coaching staff has decided to supplement or create a running game using short passes.

2. The passing game is not ready for prime time because of how young and inexperienced our receivers are.

3. Our expectations and hope, has been way too high for this season. Couple that with the fourth hardest schedule in the league and what we are seeing is the truth.

4. Houston is a winnable game because their run defense is their weakest point. The pass rush is first rate so we are going to put all our eggs in Zac Stacy’s basket and hope for the best. If the run is successful the passing game might open up. And last but not least the odds of Tavon Austin breaking one get higher every time he doesn’t. Will it come this week? I don’t know but I certainly hope so.

Here is the link to the article if you want to read it complete:


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