Fisher fawns over Matt "pick-six" Schaub

Bob Levey

The St. Louis Rams ride into Houston with a 2-3 record. The Texans are also 2-3. Matt Schaub could make that drop to 2-4 unless he plays a mistake free game.

The St. Louis Rams haven't necessarily met the preseason expectations of most fans. Despite that, the team sits at 2-3 with a real chance to come away with a win this Sunday, playing on the road against the Houston Texans. The best player to ensure a Rams victory isn't even on the roster. He plays for the Texans. His name is Matt Schaub.

For my preseason predictions, I had the Rams losing to the Texans. A few weeks ago I would still stand strong on that pick. After five regular season games however, I am sitting on the fence. Why? Because Matt Schaub hasn't played up to speed yet this season. The Rams may not be playing the best defense right now, but they are an opportunistic bunch, so far recording five forced fumbles and three interceptions, one going back to the house for six points via Matt Giordono, my preseason favorite to get a starting gig at safety. With Matt Schaub's shaky play and poor decision making, the Rams have a possible gift staring them in the face.

Now don't get me wrong here folks, Matt Schaub is no push-over. He has led his team to the play-offs for two consecutive years, and has a supporting cast at running back that could very well open up the passing game in a tremendous way. It all comes down to how well the Rams play on defense, and how many mistakes Schaub makes on his pre-snap reads.

Fisher had this to say about the Texan's QB on Wednesday while speaking with the Houston media:

Matt is an excellent quarterback, he's won a lot of games. Personally, I've faced him many, many times and I know what he's capable of doing. We're going to have our hands full with their offense, which not only includes Matt's arm, but also includes an excellent running game,

The Houston running attack, led by Arian Foster, is more than capable of taking over the game if Schaub struggles. Fisher went on to pay a big compliment to the Texan's offense:

We've faced obviously some good passing offenses, but this one in particular because, not only the drop-back, but the play-action game is outstanding. This is probably one of our biggest challenges to date.

No matter which Schaub shows up on Sunday, the Rams are going to have their hands full, and you can bet he is licking his chops at the prospect of facing the Rams and getting that interception monkey off his back.

Go Rams!

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