Sam Bradford vs. Teddy Bridgewater

I feel like I need to preface things rather than going directly into comparison...

First of all, I've been a Bradford supporter for quite a while, and think that he's an above average quarterback in this league. I believe that he can be as successful as the talent is around him, and if were playing for an organization like the Patriots, could easily become a HOFer.

That being said, after watching game tape and interviews of Teddy Bridgewater, I can see very clearly what the Bradford haters want more of and are rightfully unsatisfied with. So I'd like to offer up a comparison to share my opinion with all of the readers here.

I'd also like to say that I like Bradford as much if not more than Tahj Boyd, Johnny Manziel (oh the headaches), and the other QB prospects in this draft... but Bridgewater is truly something special. The Rams could be one of the few teams with the draft capital to trade up to the #1 spot to get him, and I believe that he could be worth the capital.

All of that being said, I find it very difficult to believe that Fish and Snead will go in any direction other than Bradford, so I'll likely be left wanting... and I suppose they know better than me.

Anyways, enough chit chat... Let's get down to the comparisons

Sam Bradford

From a production standpoint, Sam Bradford was everything you wanted in a draft prospect. His 50 TD 8 INT season (in which he also added 5 rushing TDs) was among college football's greatest statistical seasons for any player. He had NFL caliber players surrounding him, and was only sacked an astounding 11 times.

Bradford is an exceptionally accurate quarterback, when he is given time. I've also been told (but haven't quite seen lived out) that he has a really good football IQ. He has even came up big the past couple of seasons in clutch moments. Also, he rarely forces passes into coverage. However, like everyone, he has weaknesses.

He often locks in to one read. He checks down very frequently. His arm strength is average at best. He sometimes holds on to the ball for too long. He can fold quickly when pressured. While he hasn't had the opportunity to be a leader for very long, his skills in that department appear to be lacking.

Can these things be fixed? Possibly, but let's first look at the alternative.

Teddy Bridgewater

Bridgewater is just about everything you want in a QB prospect. He comes from a system in which he works under center a lot. He has ideal arm strength, and elite accuracy. He has great mobility, but keeps his eyes downfield rather than tucking and running. He has wonderful pocket presence, and makes accurate throws while facing pressure. He's great at reading defenses, and takes what the defense gives him. He's extremely efficient on third down. He also improves the play of the guys around him (something that really seems to be lacking with Bradford).

However, in fairness, let's look at some of his weaknesses... He sometimes pushes the ball, trying to aim it rather than throwing it, and therefore can miss high. There may be more, but maybe I'm just mancrushing too hard to see them.

Also, to get an idea of his leadership ability, he did this:

Not only did he play well in that game, but also against Florida in the Sugar Bowl... He's at his best when the competition is at its toughest.

Another thing that factors into this is the cost. Sam Bradford is a well-paid man... While I know almost nothing in regards to salaries, it appears that he'll be making close to $17 million next season. That's a big chunk of cheddar.

He also still holds some trade value. According to reports, teams were very interested in acquiring Bradford in thoughts that we would draft RG3 (a move I'm glad we didn't make).

The cost for Bridgewater would likely be high too. While his rookie salary wouldn't be a big deal, what we'd have to give up to get there could be. With the way the season is progressing, the Rams could easily end up with two top-10 selections in the draft. We'd almost certainly have to give one of those up, along with some more picks to move to #1. However, I could see a team such as Jacksonville being willing to do this, due to the depth at the QB position in this class and their many roster needs.

Ultimately, I think that Teddy Bridgewater would help our team more than any other player or combination of players in this year's draft class, and would be worth the moves. (Assuming we ditch Schotty... he just ruins QBs)

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