2013 NFL Draft: BCS Championship game stock report

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Monday's BCS title game was a better showcase for draft picks than it was an actual football game.

If you follow the NFL Draft, Monday night was an especially savory time for you. Even if you're a Notre Dame fan, you can find some solace in the glimpse at of this spring's top picks in the 2013 NFL Draft. A few of those guys are especially relevant to the St. Louis Rams, so let's take a quick look.

Fortunately the Rams are not in the market for a middle linebacker. The top prospect in that department, Manti Te'o of the Irish, had a terrible game last night. But why did he have such a bad night, because Alabama's offensive line is so damn good.

Let's start with Chance Warmack, the starting left guard. He embodies the physical approach of his team, and was a big reason you saw so much from running back Eddie Lacy gashing the not-so-Fighting Irish. Here's what they said about Warmack in an SB Nation draft stock report this morning:

Chance Warmack was the most dominant player on the field during the BCS Championship Game. He showed outstanding power and consistently opened up huge running lanes for Eddie Lacy. Warmack also showed the athleticism and body control to get to the next level and take Manti Te'o out of a handful of plays.

Can you argue with that? The Rams may not have much history taking inside linemen in the first round of the draft, but Warmack would be a good get.

Let's switch side for a minute and talk about ND tight end Tyler Eifert. There's always plenty of talk about the Rams still needing a receiver, but it looks like the team is committed to Brian Quick and Chris Givens carrying that load, along with a re-signed Danny Amendola and probably a spare part here and there. There are other ways to add playmakers to the offense, and drafting a guy like Eifert would be an excellent way of giving Sam Bradford a reliable set of hands.

Look at his hands and body control from this GIF.


via assets.sbnation.com

Can you imagine hands like that in the Rams' offense? Combined with Lance Kendricks as a blocker and sometimes pass catch, that would be a pretty well-rounded unit.

Alabama right tackle D.J. Fluker did what he's always done, blocked well against the run. If the Rams are committed to Rodger Saffold as the team's left tackle -- and it sounds like they are -- Fluker would be a good get in the second or third rounds of the draft, which is where I think the Rams will be looking for OL help.

I feel like it's worth mentioning Eddie Lacy, the Tide running back that bowled his way through the Irish defense. Steven Jackson's future with the Rams is cloudy at best. He's also 30-years old in 2013. The Rams are invested in Isaiah Pead, last year's second-round pick who brings the speedy outside element. Lacy would be the power guy, an upgrade over Terrance Ganaway. If the offensive line gets a boost this year, Lacy and Pead could be a deadly effective 1-2 punch, but they need the offensive line to be better.

Watch this:



via assets.sbnation.com

More analysis on the draft prospect's from last night's game: Notre Dame & Alabama.

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